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31 May 2013

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Happy Friday everyone, how are my lovelies doing?  Hope everyone is doing great, and hope your week was good too, I trust its going to be a wonderful weekend. Been so busy this week wish I have got 25 hours lol instead of 24. Am fine though, just a bit stressed out.

Sandals are open summer shoes, where the upper is mainly made of leather, fabric or synthetic straps. Closing will be done with buckles or velcro but can be also with buttons or zippers. Sandals usually are comfortable, flat and have a light sole.


Well, sandals are a type of shoe... The usually (but not always) have a flat sole, and they are really good for summer...Sandals come in lot's of different styles, gladiator sandals tie up the leg with leather straps and across the foot. Please feed your eyes with this lovely sandals and tell me which one you would rock.









Enjoy your weekend beauties.


29 May 2013

Makeup Tips for a Tight Budget

 'The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him Habakuk 2:20'

My cuties, how are you all doing today? Hope great? Happy Democracy day to Nigeria and Nigerians, Hope you are enjoying the lil holiday? Seriously I am one who likes to work on a budget it doesnt matter what I want to buy I make sure I stick to my budget and when it comes to makeup I always have a set budget I like to work with. I dont really buy too expensive things but I make sure I get my makeup at bargains lol. Makeup and beauty products can take a bite out of your budget, but with a few simple budget friendly makeup tips, you can pamper yourself, look great, and stay within your budget.


Make Beauty Products Do Double Duty
One of the best budget friendly makeup tip is to look for ways to replace two or more products with a single product. Some examples of beauty items readily available for multipurpose use are:
  • Buy moisturizing sunscreen or a moisturizer that contains sunscreen.
  • Buy conditioning shampoos instead of purchasing separate shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can use lipstick as blush, or blush as lipstick. You can also use lipsticks and blush for eye shadow.
Turn Common Household Items into Cosmetics
Many common household items can serve as beauty products for significantly less money than the items you'll find in the cosmetic aisle.
  • Vaseline makes a great lip gloss or moisturizer for dry feet or elbows. You can even use it as a heavy-duty hand cream.
  • Olive or Soy Oils are a great substitute for baby oil. (If you want, you can add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a scented beauty oil.) Olive and soy oils can also be used as a makeup remover. Simply rub over your face and then rinse with warm water. These oils will remove even your eye makeup.
  • Using baby wipes as an alternative to makeup removing wipes.

Make Your Own Products
If you're looking for some really cheap makeup tips, try your hand at making your own beauty and makeup products. Using simply household items, you can make many makeup and beauty items at a fraction of the cost of their store-bought counterparts.

Facial Masks
Egg whites and oatmeal both make good facial masks.
To make an oatmeal mask, simply mix oatmeal and water (or milk) to a thick paste. Spread the mixture over your face and weight 5 to 10 minutes until the mask dries. Then rinse gently with warm water.
For an egg white mask, separate the yolk of two eggs. Spread the egg whites evenly on your face. Let it dry for about 20 minutes, until the mixture hardens. Wash it off lightly with a cloth and warm water.


Body Exfoliants
Using essential oils, olive or soy oils, and salt, you can create a homemade body scrub that looks and feels like pricey store brands. Add a few drops of an essential oil into olive or soy oil and mix well. Then add salt to the oil mixture until you have the desired consistency. Store in an airtight container.

Lip Color
Lipstick is easy to make from fruits, beets or other natural ingredients. You can add some food dyes - such as Kool-aid, Jell-0, fresh fruits, or beets - directly to your lips. You can also mix these dying agents with Vaseline or Vitamin E for a more moisturizing lip color. Another inexpensive makeup tip is to use the stubs of old lipsticks, mixed with Vaseline or Vitamin E, to create lip gloss.


Eye Shadow
Use powdered food dye mixed with baby powder for a quick and easy eye shadow. If you prefer cream shadows, mix in a dab of Vaseline or Vitamin E to create a smooth and creamy mixture.


Many of the same dying agents used to make lipsticks can be used to make blush. You will likely want to use more Vaseline or Vitamin E (and less of the dying agent) for blush so you get a less intense color. For a more powdery blush, mix in some baby powder, or use a pink eyeshadow mixed with baby powder.


Do-It-Yourself French Manicure
Get a professional looking French manicure with a bit of scotch tape. Cut and shape scotch tape for the bottom half of your nails. Apply white polish to the top edge of your nails and wait for it to dry. Remove the tape and paint over your nails with a sheer pink polish.

Enjoy the rest of the week sweeties.


26 May 2013

Pleased To Mint You

'Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established Proverbs 24:3'

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Hope your week was good? You missed me? lol I missed you guys, sorry I didnt post anything on the blog last week, well I am fine but my first Deltan Princess had fell down the stairs and hurt herself, it was quite scary cos for a minute she was kinda unconscious, we quickly called the ambulance and she was taking to the A&E, but thank God she is better now, no broken bones and back to her old sef again.

Before anyone is issued a drivers licence he or she must go through driving lessons and then they take a test if you pass then one is issued if you dont pass it means you probably have to take it again, marriage is the only institution that issues a license before you actually take a test and if you want your marriage to work then you have to work. For your marriage to work here are some few tips, communication - tell your partner how you feel, what you want they are not mind readers, meet their needs - after you have communicated the needs go ahead and meet them, - fight fairly - resolve arguements squarely, sex - know your partner's preference when it comes to bedmatics lol.

Enough said, now to the outfit of the day, been meaning to do a picture post of all one colour and since I had my mint green blazer from H&M, I was looking for the perfect dress to go with it and I started my search the right opportunity came when I had to do personal shopping for my clients, I walked into TK Maxx and searched through their dresses and found this beautiful mint green dress with hints of gold and I also got the orange lace clutch cos I wanted to add a pop of colour to the outfit. Hope you enjoy the pics and hey what one colour of outfit would you like to try, let me know your thoughts please.

 Blazer: H&M// Dress: Nine West// Shoes: Kitsch Couture// Clutch: Betsey Jordan

Enjoy your week beauties


15 May 2013

MakeUp Wednesday: MakeUp Tips For Dark Skinned Women

'Jesus the same yesterday, and today and forever Hebrews 13:8'

Hello lovelies, happy mid-week, hope you are having fun, I am lol well not really stressed a bit but I thank God for strenght. Makeup tips for this week is for all my dark skinned women.

The makeup industry may be neglecting dark beauties for the most part but let’s make the most of it! Learn how to play up what Mother Nature gave you with some rocking make up techniques and styles!
Applying makeup for most women is like drawing on a slightly curved piece of paper. For dark skinned women, however, makeup can pose quite a challenge. Although it may seem that some makeup tricks are basically lost on you, don’t give up – you just need to learn what works for you. Every girl should be able to use makeup as her favorite beauty ally.
Dark skinned women usually have plump lips, nicely toned skin and piercing eyes so there’s a million ways to go to flaunt it all. Besides, makeup is playing, it’s self-expression, it’s fun - use intense colors, make bold choices, make it your own in every way!


Because, for dark skinned women, getting an even skin tone is an absolute imperative, buying an adequate foundation may be the most important thing. Find the one that looks natural, even if it means mixing a few different foundations. Makeup artists recommend using a shade ever so slightly lighter than your own skin tone.
Try your best to apply it evenly. You may want to use a brush or a cosmetic sponge, for extra control, although many girls find it easiest to use their fingers to get it everywhere evenly and blend it out nicely. As the name itself says it’s simply – foundation – it should be very light and not feel like you have a ton of it on your face.


Dark skinned girls usually have a problem with oily skin. Yes, it’s a huge bummer, but – there are a lot of products that can solve, or, at least, lessen this problem! When in need of a quick fix, try using some good old powder. It will give your skin an instant, fresh look. Be sure to pick a translucent powder without any yellowish, or any other similar remnants. Take time to choose, in some cases a quality powder can even replace foundation.


It might seem exaggerated but dark skinned women can really benefit from using blush. Since in fair skinned women blush is so frequent, it usually seems kind of casual. When a dark skinned woman uses blush it automatically reads as elegant and stylish. Colors that work best are darker shades of red and orange.
The way you apply your blush determents what’s accentuated on your face. Example: if you have high cheek bones put blush right on top of them, if you have fluffy cheeks and a rounder face shape suck in your cheeks and apply blush right in between your cheek line and your jaw line.


Although contrasting colors can be fun, using an extra light color of lipstick on your lips is a total no – no for dark skinned women. You will not look chic, more likely, you will look sick. Try to minimize the contrast by choosing colors like deep purple, wine, brown and, of course, the classic – red. No matter the color, transparent lip gloss will intensify the look and add sensibility to your lips.



Flaunt your eyes! If, in other cases, contrast was seen as slightly risky, but this is where it starts to get interesting. Your dark skin is actually a playground for different eye shadows. While on fair skin bold mixes can seem like too much, you have the luxury to experiment with deep colors.
You can easily pull off the bronze look with some shimmering eye shadow and colors like pumpkin, gold, or pink that will look great against your complexion. Make sure to use shiny eyeliner, maybe silver, which will look great and accentuate your lovely eyes. Also, black eye shadow and the smoky eyes look will look absolutely enticing on dark skin and eyes!

Enjoy the rest of the week dearies

12 May 2013

Wow Factor


'But seek ye the first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you Matthew 6:33'

Hello my beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, pretty, handsome, fabulous people, lol hope you are doing great? And hope last week was full of good news yippeee would you mind sharing with me what good news you received last week yes I love gist dont blame me blame my 'Deltan King' he likes gist too lol.
Seeking God aint easy but we can do all things thru Christ yes we can, sometimes what God wants us to do might be hard but He gives us grace to do it and He gives us the strenght too. What has God laid in your heart to do maybe He is saying that neighbour of yours needs a bottle of milk or a friend needs a hug or a word of encouragement or that old man or woman needs a helping hand with their shopping whatever God has laid in your heart do it, I mean you cant save the world Jesus has been sent to do that your own part is to help others as little as you can cos you might mean the whole world to that one person.
Erm erm my love for mixed prints is growing by the day and I always play how to mix different prints in my head before I actually try it on, when I saw this vest at Tescos the splash of neon pink got me first and I got it, got home looked at my closet to see what I would pair it with and I thought why not wear it with a dress yes I am wearing a dress and I wore the vest on it to make it look like a skirt. Cant seem to get enough of my blue blazer with my classic white pump I was good to go. Got the black clutch for £1 lol, love good bargains haha.

Vest:F&F// Dress: Newlook// Blazer: H&M// Shoes: Newlook// Clutch: Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed the pics, Would you rock mixed prints? What do you think? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks


10 May 2013

Trending: Perspex Bag

My wonderful peeps how are you doing? I bet you are excited its another weekend, well I am lol. What have you got planned this weekend? Are you going to the cinemas? Shopping? Camping? Partying? Well whatever you are doing make sure you have fun and be good.

Perspex Bag as the name implies is what we call a 'clear' bag, 'see through' I call it a 'naked' bag lol. With a bag like this you dont have a hiding place cos all your business is out for the world to see hahaha but if you are faint hearted then this bag isnt for you but if you are daring as me then this type of bag is yours. Perspex bag comes in all shapes and sizes, different colours to choose from too from neutrals to bold and it also comes in form of clutch, purse, satchel, totes etc.

Its one of the hottest trends this season and I love it seeing that I have one too bought it from Newlook and yes bought pink colour.

Now we must be careful not to display our valuable possesions when rocking this bag or else you would be attracting some 'unwanted visitors' if you know what I mean. Some of the bags contain a non transparent inner compartment where you can hide your phone in.

What do you say about this type of bags, would you rock it? Let me know your thoughts.

Have a lovely weekend guys.

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