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30 June 2014

Gold Tones

'The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory Psalm 64:10'

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great, we have God to thank for that. How was your weekend? 

My birthday was during the week and I had loads of fun, Sienna and Sachi kept entertaining me with songs lol, they had dinner date all planned for me and I couldn't wait for it, they didnt tell me where they were taking me to, Sienna said 'Mummy we want to surprise you' and they sure did.

My outfit today is based around this two colours blue and lime green, love, love the colours, got this retro look crochet skirt from Forever21 lovely innit, with my HM blue blazer and my Zara top, I was good to go and oh my lovely blue ankle strap sandals from Zara too. Don't be scared of pairing two bold colours together, as long as you are comfortable with it, then its fine. Enjoy the pics dearies and do have a wonderful week ahead


23 June 2014


'Be ye strong therefore,  and let not your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded 2 Chronicles 15:7'

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great and welcome to a new week, hope you had a lovely weekend.

This week is a week of thanksgiving to our Almighty God, I would be a year older this week, I am really grateful to Him who created me and gave me a new song to sing, can't wait excited much. Let the pouring of gifts begin hehehehehe

Seville's first tooth came through last week and Sienna couldn't hide her excitement she kept saying 'Mummy look Seville's got tooth now he can eat M&M lol am like emmmm nope I don't think so not yet anyway lol. Heard a lot of times that boys develop slower than girls well my Deltan Prince is an exception hehehe.

Little Black Dress is a must have in every womans wardrobe, its ver classy, personal and sophisticated dress, I paired mine with a neon yellow lace clutch from River Island and oh yes the dress is from F&F clothings made by Tescos. Lovely prom scuba dress which I got from sales for £8, cheap yea I know. Its not who you wear but how you wear it. Doubled the look with my black lace pointed shoes from Asos, classy right. Took my box braids out for my hair to breath once again, my natural hair is growing am so happy about it, it looks healthy. 

Enjoy the pics dearies.

Dress: F&F// Clutch: River Island// Shoes: Asos//

15 June 2014

Swingy Thingy

'How long will thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me? Psalm 13:1'

Hello everyone,  and a very happy Sunday to you, hope you had fun this weekend, well I did get to spend good quality time with my family.

Ever being in a situation where you feel all hope is lost? You ask yourself where would I go from here? What am I gonna do? How am I going to get out of this situation? Sometimes you even ask God questions why me? You think or feel such things only happen to you,sometimes you question God's love tiwrds you, sometimes you wonder if this is how it will end but not to worry, God has better plans for you. He hasnt forgotten you at all, He makes all things beautiful in His time, no two peoples destinies is the same it doesnt matter if you are both born by same parents, you are you, you are unique, special and God is working it out for you, it aint over yet, He will do what He says He will do. Have faith in Him, believe in His wonderful works, trust in Him and whatever you do, don't give up.

My swingy thingy dress lol, love it I was looking for the perfect swing dress and so I went searching hehehe found this from Asos love the stripes, swing dresses for me is flattering, classy and sassy, I decided to mix prints with it, wore my Philip Amstrong leopard print shoes with my blue clutch from Zara I was good to go and oh yes Sienna and Sachi decided to do 'Diva Stole My Look' lol.

Enjoy the pics everyone.

Dress: Asos// Shoes: Phillips Armstrong// Clutch: Zara// Necklace: RiverIsland//

13 June 2014

Trending: Swing Dress

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Hope great? Its a weekend once again time to relax and unwind.

Swing dresses is so on trend especially this season, this type of dress is like a go to one, something you put on and you gradually build what else you want to wear with it. Add some swish to your wardrobe by having or or two swing dresses. It can either be dresses up or down, it is very flattering and its for all shapes and sizes. You could wear it on its own or add a jacket, blazer or even a shirt to it. I love this dresses, when I wear them I feel free.

What do you think? Would you wear them?


8 June 2014

Double Take

'Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving Colossians 4:2'

Hi everyone,  how was your weekend? Hope you achieved all you wanted to do during this weekend? Am doing great, family is doing fine too.

My Deltan Prince would be 3 months soon can't believe how time flies, he smiles a lot now, very playful, eats a lot hehehe, my birthday is coming up soon thinking of ways to say thank you to my wonderful followers, please if you have any ideas would love to hear them, be kind enough to leave your comments below.

A quick post of what I wore, I have done a denim on denim look before but this time I decided to go with 2 different shades, this is my first time of wearing dungarees hehehehe serioulsy I was a bit skeptical becuse I thought I would look a bit big in them well you can be the judge of that. Added a pop of colour to complement the look and don't you just love the details of my crossbody neon pink bag.

Enjoy the pics everyone.


Bag: Bankfashion// Shoes: Stylistpick// Denimtop: Newlook// Dungarees: Newlook//

4 June 2014

My Grass Is Greener

'But Jesus said unto her, let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread and to cast it to the dogs Mark 7:27'

Hello everyone,  hope you are all doing great, this is a quick post of what I wore on Sunday and guess who decided to join me today, Sienna and Sachi hope Seville won't be jealous hahaha.

A certain woman came to Jesus becos her daughter had an unclean spirit but He told her well I cant give you what should be given to my children becos you wont give their food to the dogs, I want my children to be filled first, in order words there are loads of blessings still waiting to be tapped from God, the woman replied yes I know but the dogs can still eat from the crumbs that fall off the table,  she wasn't ready to take no for n answer,  yes she knew she didnt derserve to be given what she wants yet she didnt give up, she got what she wanted. Don't give up dearies, you might feel you don't deserve God's blessings becos of what you have done in the past not to worry He is willing to forgive and grant you all your heart desires remember every saint has got a past and every sinner has got a future.  See you at the top.

Now to my outfit, I know I have got sharp eyes for hidden treasures especially when it comes to thrifting, went to our local charity shop and this skirt caught my attention, love the pleats and it was also in my favourite colour - mint, I checked the price lo and behold it was £3, I smiled then I checked the size my face fell lol ssw size 16, I was about to drop it when I thought to myself why not try it on no harm in doing that bearing in mind I wear a size 10. When I tried it on it was a perffct fit hahahaha, you dont have to wear expensive things to look classy.

Top: Newlook// Skirt: Thrifted// Clutch: Steve Madden// Shoes: Bank Fashion

2 June 2014

Style Icon: Ngozi of Dressed

'Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens and thy glory above all the earth Psalm 108:5'

Hello everyone anda happy new month, I am really excited because this is my birth month yayyyy, I pray God will grant us new beginning this month in Jesus name, Amen.

Its been a while we had our style icon of te month and to continue with our tradition I bring to you a woman of class,  fashion is her style, she is chic, daring, intelligent with a great heart and wonderful entrepreneur skills. Following her blog and style for quite a while now and she is also following mine, one of my faithful follower and she drops wonderful comments on the blog. I describe her style as modern, contemporary with a touch of perfection, ladies and gentlemen sit back relax and enjoy Ngozi's pictures but before then this is what she has to say about herself:

About me.......?

My name is Ngozi, I'm a mum to two adorable boys and a wife to an amazing man. I'm a total foodie  and enjoy  listening to a wide genre of music.  I also love to travel and explore the world generally.

I own a fashion retailing business and run an online boutique. Prior to working in fashion retailing I was a banker, I count myself lucky because I love what I do and would do it for free :).  I love the creative outlet that my job gives me. I enjoy seeing the transformation that people go through when they find the perfect outfit, you instantly see their eyes light up! and they instantly walk a little bit taller....It sort of an elevated moment for me if you will. This is one of the things I love about what I do, for me, its beyond helping people find the perfect outfit, its more like providing a service that prepares people to take on the world! thats exactly the feeling, you get when you  dorn an outfit that expresses you personality and you are comfortable and confident wearing .

Fashion for me is a form self of expression, it's like your introduction to the world  without saying a word. My style is eclectic but I’m drawn mostly to classic and preppy styles, however I do not shy away from trying new things. I wear whatever I feel comfortable and confident wearing, comfort is key to me. :). 

Her blog address: www,
Instagram: itfactorstyle

Isn't she beautiful, do have a wonderful month guys
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