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29 April 2013

Get Shorty

'Thou shall call and I will answer thee: thou will have a desire to the work of thine hands Job 14;15'

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Hope your weekend was splendid and you are looking forward to another beautiful, prosperous and great week. Still settling in our new house, unpacking and putting things where it should be. Its so amazing to know that we have an Advocate in Jesus, there is an assurance that when we call upon His name He answers us cos He is a loving Father, He said if we know how to give good gifts to our kids how much more He who is the creator of Heaven and earth, He is faithful and able to hear and answer all our heart desires, just speak to Him, talk to Him and come to Him as you are and He will answer you.

Yes to my outfit of the day, actually I didnt think I could actually wear this shorts today of cos I do wear shorts but most times in the comfort of my home when I wanted to go shopping the shorts stared at me as if its got eyes and I thought for like 5mins what  I would pair with it and I saw my neon top I got from H&M and I said yes thats it lol. Just wanted something I could walk round in the shops with and also to run after Sienna lol her energy seems to be on the increase everyday. Even though she doesnt seem to want to eat any food aside from chocolate, cake or M&Ms.

Hope you enjoy the pics, guys what do you think about my new hairstyle yes or nay am loving it though.

Blazer: NewLook// Top: H&M// Shoes: Jasper Conran// Shorts: H&M


26 April 2013

Wrap It Up

'Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name, bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits Psalm 103:1&2'
 I am so grateful and happy, God has been so faithful to me and my family am counting my blessings and making my blessings count. Yes we finally moved to our new house, its so awesome and loving every minute of it. As much as I hate moving I loved the fact that we are moving to somewhere new and different. Oh how are you my beautiful people, I do hope you have had a great week and yes Thank God its Friday lol.

I have had this ankara for ages now, waiting for the right time to take it to a designer and have them made to beautiful dresses, while going through my closet it caught my attention again and I thought to myself why not make a head wrap from this first and I took a pair of scissors and gave it a cut and tried it on. Clear or transparent bags or clutches is so right on trend this season I couldnt wait to get mine saw this on NewLook and I just fell in love with it immediately.

Have fun and stay blessed.


Bag: NewLook// Shirt Dress: NewLook// Shoes: NewLook// Leggings: Primark//


21 April 2013

Connect The Dots

 'A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent Proverbs 28:20'

My beauties, how are you doing today, Happy Sunday, hope your weekend was great? Tell me what did you do over the weekend hope you dont mind sharing it with me? Mine was great, long, tiring but eventful getting ready for this week, I know and believe this week will be full of testimonies for me and my family and oh yes for you too can I hear a resounding 'Amen' lol.

God has given us life and anytime we make mistakes or dont know what to do we can always refer back to manual of life i.e the bible for direction and we can also ask Him too. God connects all the dots and crosses every 't' in our lives to you it might be taking too long you want answers quick to your questions, prayers but God answers in His own time and when He does you will certainly rejoice at the end.

I love polka dots for me it has this vintage feel and one can pair it with any other print if you want to, when I saw it online at first I wasnt so keen cos it was a deep hem dress wasnt really a fan of it but I thot of the polka dot and I said oh well I might like it afterall, this orange zara shoes is the most comfortable shoes I have ever had absolutely love them. Got to run now got so much to do today would tell  you guys all about it this week. Stay blessed and pls enjoy the pictures.

Blazer: H&M// Dress: NewLook// Shoes: Zara// Clutch: NewLook

Love you guys

20 April 2013

Out Of The Blue

'But my God shall supply your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus Phil 4:19'

Hey hi everyone, trust your day went well, mine did but am so exhausted  not gonna do a long post today  sorry *sad face* but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Blazer: H&M// Top: Primark// Trousers: H&M// Shoes: Topshop// Purse: Clinique//

18 April 2013

Dear Readers

Words can't express my heartfelt gratitude towards you my readers. Thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule to read post on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

I am an advent lover of fashion cos of that I just wanted people to see a lil bit of my personal fashion style and believe me I didnt dream or even thought I would start a fashion blog it didnt occur to me at all that I could do it. I read other fashion blog and I always admire how its been done and how their blogs were and the when this year began my DELTAN KING encouraged me and yes my sisterinlaw reminded me again about it and I said oh well I might as well give it a go, at first it was kinda hard cos I kept saying to myself what would I write, how will I write it and who would be interested but I was encouraged with the fact that a lot of people would appreciate it if I am myself which I think I am lol. And its been great am loving every minute of it.

Some people when they view might wonder why I talk about my 'faith' so much in each of my post well thats just me. I am a christian am not ashamed of it, am proud of what Jesus has done in my life and also in the life of my family.

Thanks so much if it isnt for your guys I dont think I would have come this far, yes I know its just few months old but it means a lot to mean especially when I see how many people who viewed the blog yes some are not my followers  yet, some dont leave comments they just read and go it doesnt matter the category you fall into lol, I still appreciate it. Thanks so much, and I hope that I have inspired you one way or the other.

Thank you so much. I love you guys but God loves you best.


17 April 2013

MakeUp Wednesday: Bridal Makeup Part 2

Hello lovelies, hope your week is going great, here is the concluding part of this topic. Hope you enjoy it.


Be a blushing bride with blusher. It can give you a lovely pop of colour on your cheeks which looks really pretty for wedding make-up, even if you're not used to wearing it every day. If you're wearing a pale dress or white, cream or ivory, you'll be able to wear more colour on your cheeks and lips. There are lots of blushers on the market, creams, powders, gels and stains - again go for a shade not too far from your natural pigment. A good tip is to buy a blusher that is a similar tone to your natural lip colour.

Make-Up Brushes

Good make up brushes are really important when applying any make-up, especially on your wedding day because they'll make your make-up stay on longer and make application easier. but I recommend investing in the following: a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a powder brush (can also double up as a bronzing brush), a tapered eyeshadow blending brush, a flat eyeshadow brush and a slanted eyebrow or eyeliner brush. Alternatively buy a brush set.

Eye Make-Up

A good eye make-up tip is to stick to a neutral palette of eyeshadows and use an eyeshadow primer. After the eye primer, apply a light-coloured shadow all over the eyelid right up to the brow bone. Next, apply a mid-toned eyeshadow such as MAC Wedge all over the eyelid and into the socket area. If you want more definition, apply a slightly darker shadow into the eye crease and blend well so there are no visible lines. Line the eyes using an eyeliner.


Don't forget to use a highlighting shade just below the brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes - this really opens them out.

applying false eyelashes


Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed as they frame your face. If they need shaping or even a tidy-up, try eyebrow threading as this lasts longer than plucking and you'll have instantly well-groomed brows. It hurts a bit, but no pain no gain, especially for your wedding!


When thinking about lipstick colours, you can either go for a shade that enhances your natural lip colour or a shade that is a little lighter. Line the lips all over with a lip pencil that is close to your natural lip colour as this will make your lipstick stay on for longer.


Finish off your look with black mascara - or use brown if you are very fair. Go for waterproof mascara on your wedding day, just in case!  If you want to add some extra drama, try using individual false eyelashes just on the outer corners.


To keep your make-up looking good all day, use a translucent powder or blotting sheets to take away any shine (especially important before the photos). Take cotton buds for any eye make-up that needs tidying up, and if a make-up artist has done your make-up, be sure to have purchased the shade of lipstick they have used beforehand so you can keep yourself touched up all day.



14 April 2013

Black 'N' White Classic

'For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Malachi 3:6'

Being longing to wear black and white outfit for a long time just got the chance today hehehehe, black and white outfit is classic and timeless one can either dress it up, down, sideways, inside out, rightside up, anyway that suits you and your personal style really loll. I just added this beautiful Zara orange bag for a pop of colour and also my statement necklace, beautiful innit.

Sachi (My 2nd Deltan Princess) had her ears pierced yesterday so she could have earrings on when we got to 'Claires' she smiled at the lady who was gonna do the piercing and I was like you dont know what is coming yet and when it was done she had this look of 'oh you are very mean' on her face and she went ballistic, cried and cried I thought she wouldnt stop eventually she did after much singing and dancing from mummy lol.

God never changes, He is always the same, situations, challenges, problems, people may change but God remains the same and as long as He is on the throne all your trials and tribulations will come to an end, why not come to the one who can turn your situation around, call upon Him and He will answer you sweet darlings.

Happy Birthday to Twinsaffairs and thanks for featuring me as 'Beauty of the Day',

Bag: Zara// Shoes: NewLook// Blazer: NewLook// Dress: H&M// Necklace: BI//


Have a lovely week y'all
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