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18 April 2013

Dear Readers

Words can't express my heartfelt gratitude towards you my readers. Thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule to read post on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

I am an advent lover of fashion cos of that I just wanted people to see a lil bit of my personal fashion style and believe me I didnt dream or even thought I would start a fashion blog it didnt occur to me at all that I could do it. I read other fashion blog and I always admire how its been done and how their blogs were and the when this year began my DELTAN KING encouraged me and yes my sisterinlaw reminded me again about it and I said oh well I might as well give it a go, at first it was kinda hard cos I kept saying to myself what would I write, how will I write it and who would be interested but I was encouraged with the fact that a lot of people would appreciate it if I am myself which I think I am lol. And its been great am loving every minute of it.

Some people when they view might wonder why I talk about my 'faith' so much in each of my post well thats just me. I am a christian am not ashamed of it, am proud of what Jesus has done in my life and also in the life of my family.

Thanks so much if it isnt for your guys I dont think I would have come this far, yes I know its just few months old but it means a lot to mean especially when I see how many people who viewed the blog yes some are not my followers  yet, some dont leave comments they just read and go it doesnt matter the category you fall into lol, I still appreciate it. Thanks so much, and I hope that I have inspired you one way or the other.

Thank you so much. I love you guys but God loves you best.



  1. U are very welcome. And thank you for sharing your gift and passion. I in particular have been inspired :-)

  2. Thanks so much babes, am glad that you have bene inspired too.


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