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29 November 2013

Is He Really Mr Right?

'My beloved is mine and I am his; he feedeth among the lilies. Songs of Solomon 2:16'

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Happy Thanksgiving to you too. We are back again on 'Love Matters' Yes I  know some ladies who are still single and who wants to get married to someone they love would read this and evaluate their relationship if they are involved in any right now.

Let's ponder on today's question 'Is He Really Mr Right' How sure are you? Here are some vital tips that could help you analyze the man in your life.

1. Don't Settle For Less
    You don't want a man who's just okay, do you? No! You want Mr. Right! Start by making a list of good qualities that you want in a man, differences between you that you can work out, and deal breakers - the things you just can't live with. There are activities you can share with other friends, but they aren't fundamental to the relationship. . Love shouldn't be conditional, and it makes no sense changing who you are for someone else. Guys can be tricky and if you see particular qualities in them that don't add up with your original plan, dump him! It can only lead to heartbreak in the future. Allow yourself to turn back at the first signs of a shipwreck even if you like this guy a whole lot. It will be better for you in the long run if you can be strong enough very early on to realize that the differences you've already seen will mean the relationship is doomed.

2. Belief System: 
  Do you share the same beliefs? Both of you have to be on the same page when it comes to what you believe. Yes the bible says we shouldn't be unequally yoked with unbelievers sometimes even people who go to church and all that still don't believe that Jesus is our Saviour even when they  hear it all the time, remember its not just for you but for your future kids too.

3. Avoid manipulative and controlling men:
If a guy starts saying 'if you leave me you can never find anyone better than me' he is a time bomb, love is unconditional which means when you go out with your girls he isnt jealous and it doesn't mean you love him less, someone who wants you all to himself all the time and he leaves you no breathing space such a man you should run from immediately. Be yourself, you don't have to be him, be you, be who you are. And yes not forgetting a man who would tell you whom you should speak with or who, or a man who tells you to dump all your friends and your family members is certainly not Mr Right for you. Stay clear from a man who wants to know who just called you, who texted you, how many friends you got on facebook and asks you to explain how you knew each one of them lol that man is controlling. Flee dearie flee.

4. Rush Not:
Don't rush into any relationship you are not really sure of, be patient, get to know him first, pray about it, ask God if he is the right one for you, before you say yes to his proposal get to know who his family is, his background, his likes, his dislikes, his habits both good and bad. Take time out and ask yourself if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him. 

5. Communication
How often do you communicate? Who does the calling more? You or him? A man who cant call you often and gives you excuses upon excuses like 'oh I am a very busy person' would be more than busy when you marry him.If he doesnt see a need to want to speak to the love of his life then its time to move on, baby he wont have time for you when you are married. You shouldnt do most of the calling not at all infact he should do most of the calling. I remember before I got married while I was in Nigeria my husband was here in the UK, he did most of the calling, I might even have credit on my phone but I would beep him then he used to call me 'flasher' and when I beep once he calls back immediately.

6. Respect:
Does he respect you both in private and in public places, or is he the one who is quick to correct you in a loud voice in front of your friends or even strangers? A man who really loves you will never disrespect you in front of others. A man who loves you won't joke about your weight when you are with other people, he won't allow anyone to disrespect you either, how does he treat his friends, even your own friends, what about your family members what does he say about them? When he misbehaves the first time when you are in a public place wait until you are alone then tell him what he did wrong, if he apologises and promises not to repeat such you can forgive but if he brushes it off then its time to leave him.

7. Your Opinion Matters:
You have got opinions too dearie, and a man who loves you should know that too. Does he seek your advice or opinion on things? And if he does when you give it does it brush it aside and feel oh you are only a woman you dont know anything. Dearie it will continue that way if you go ahead and marry such a person. He would feel he doesnt need to tell you when he wants to buy a new car, or change jobs, he would just do it without asking for your input. Be wise dearies.

8. Goals, Visions and Aspirations:
What are his goals in life? And how are you going to help align his goals with yours. you should be able to know what is aspirations are? Ask him questions? Be careful of someone who you asked 'darling what do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years' and he answers ' well I don't know yet we see how it goes' hey no,  he should be able to draw out his plans no matter how big they are especially if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. 

Well there you are, I hope with this lil tips we have been able to look deep into our relationship and find out if we are on the right path.

What do you think? Please you can also leave your thoughts and comments too cos I would love to read it all.

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27 November 2013

Big Dots

'Then Naomi her mother-in-law said unto her, My daughter, shall I not seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee Ruth 3:1'

Hello everyone, and how are you all doing? Late post right? Yeah I know please just bear with me my hands is always full during the week, I hope to make it up to you my beautiful people.

God is telling someone today shall I not see rest for thee that it may be well with thee? Ruth was a Moabite and according to the bible that generation was cursed as a result of what Lots daughters did, let me summarise the story after Lot and his daughters was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah they made their father drink wine and slept with him they got pregnant and one of them was name Moab, of cos God was angry with what they did and He placed a curse on that generation, now back to Ruth. Naomi, Ruth's mother-in-law asked her to go back but she refused saying wherever you go I will go, your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God, and Naomi instructed her what to do inorder for her to marry someone else since she was a widow. Yes her generation was cursed but Ruth said no, enough is enough I am going to make a change and she did all Naomi asked her. She married Boaz and she gave birth to Obed who gave birth to Jesse who gave birth to David and we all know Jesus is from the city of David. You can now see a beautiful came out of all this, it doesnt matter what or how our past is what matters is what God would do for you now and in the future. Make up your mind and say, I will follow you Lord no matter what. Listen and take heed to His instructions and He will certainly give you rest.

I pray that God would give you rest and He will alway cause all those who are to help you not to rest until they do so in Jesus name. Amen.

Now to my outfit, I wanted to keep it simple, you noticed my love for blue this days lol, don't know why maybe hormones, found this royal blue coat from F&F clothing yes Tesco supermarkets, couldnt keep my eyes off it when I saw it and since I had this bodycon dot dress from primark I was delighted at the result of it. Yes it was cold but I had to pair it with my zara blue ankle gold heels sandals.

Hope you enjoy the pics darlings.

Coat: F&F Clothing// Dress: Primark// Shoes: Zara//

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15 November 2013

Are You Pampering Him At All?

'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh' Matthew 19:5' 

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Suprised right lol well this blog is not all about fashion, and also had some suggestions from some of you my lovely readers to add something to it and I thought about it and decided to add this segment to the blog. So my dearies welcome to the first edition of 'Love Matters' where we would talk about love and relationship, marriage, kids and family, mind you I would really appreciate your wonderful comments and also contributions too.

I am not perfect far from it, when it comes to marriage I am still learning, I remember when I was still single I was always interested in marriage matters, I layed my hands on every material that had to do with marriage, digesting it thoroughly infact some of my friends then used to nickname me 'Dr Mrs Love' lol cos some of them come to me for relationship advice.

Are you pampering your man at all? Be it your husband or fiance. Yes men love pampering too don't think pampering is just for us women. Men want to know they are loved and cared for. They want to know they are your number 1. You want to pamper him more? Then pay attention to the following:


Do you have respect for your man? He deserves it, A man wants to know you would put him first above all else, he needs to know he has your attention when you are having a conversation. If you respect him you wont just invite someone to your home without telling him. You cannot love a man you don't respect.

Am sure you say oh but I love him and he should tell you he does, how often do you tell him you love him? Let him know, let him feel, let him think you love him with all your heart. Not in words alone but also by your actions. You cant say I love you but yet not attentive to his needs. Show him love today.

They say the way to a man's heart is through food and yes it is true, a man loves a woman who knows how to cook good food, yes its not as if they cant get food to eat in the restaurants but they want you to treat them with good food, they know its cooked with love, homely food with an extra touch. Learn new recipes, cook something different for him once in a while and serve his food. I mean my husband knows how to cook but he still wants me to do it sometimes cos he knows he would get something special. Yes I know we might be busy with our career and all that but our man deserves to be pampered with good food.

Yes I went there lol, I would say sex is a cement that glues marriage together trust me if there is no sexual intimacy between couples then such a marriage is in trouble. Know what turns him on remember men respond more to what they see while women responds emotionally or by what they feel. Don't wait for him to make the first move, initiate sex once in a while, create a sexophoric atmosphere now thats my word lol. Before he even comes back from work or his place of business send him sexy text messages to prepare him for whats coming later on. Captivate his heart, who says lovemaking is restricted to the bedroom alone, be adventurous (please not in front of your kids though lol).

Yes they love gifts too, it doesn't have to be his birthday or your wedding anniversary before you give him a gift no matter how small or big it is. He knows its the thought that counts.

What do you think my lovelies, I would love to read your own contributions too, tell me how do you pamper your man? Let me know your thoughts.

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13 November 2013

Stripey Prints

'Judge not, that ye be not judged Matthew 7:1'

Quite a while everyone, how are y'all doing? Hope great? How has your week been so far? Am so sorry I know this is a late post the week is always a busy one for me attending to kids, taking care of my number one baby my own Deltan King, taking Sienna to school, attending to customers too, in all I bless God for giving me the strenght and the ability too.

Sometimes we are quick to point our fingers at others when they go wrong, infact we start pouring out our sentences for each offence when in actual fact we do exactly the same thing the other person has done, the bible says you should first remove the beam that is in your own eye before trying to remove  the tiny speck in your brothers eye. We have no right to judge someone else especially if you have not walked in their shoes, everyone has different measure of grace bestowed upon them yours is quite different from the other person. Instead of judging why not pray for the person, if you can't call them to order. Remember the same measure you use in judging others the same would be measured unto you.

Yea I went there again, mixed two different prints, when I bought this skirt I said to myself I have to mix it up with a stripe top or a jumper, since its officially autumn/winter the weather is not anyones friend I mean its a bit cold did I just say a bit it is cold lol. I make sure my coat is always with me cos British weather is not reliable at all one minute its a bit cold the next its actually freezing. I made sure I stayed in the same colour zone didnt want too much clash of colours since the skirt is a red one.

My sister said my bump looks like a football lol, what do you think? Hope you enjoy the pics.

Jumper: House of Fraser// Skirt: Boohoo// Shoes: Newlook// Bag: Zara//

Enjoy the rest of the week dearies



5 November 2013

Minty Blue

'Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near Isaiah 55:6'

Good day my beautiful people, how are you doing? Hope you had a great weekend? How is work? school? business?. Hope everything is goin on well, its a new week, a wonderful week actually, a blessed one too. As you have entered this week our God would grant you peace of mind knowing that He is in control.

Having a personal relationship with God is very vital, you cant replace going to church with knowing God one on one. You have to live for the truth, ask God for guidance so that He will lead you aright. Relationship with God is what counts nothing else matters really. The level of grace you enjoy from God determines how far you will go in life. Are you living your life for God, lets examine ourselves, we might be able to deceive other or even ourselves but we cant deceive God. The bible says God knows all those that are His and we know who we really worship. As we seek God more, as we desire to have a stronger relationship with Him I pray that He will draw us closer to Him in Jesus name.

Don't know why I just love the colour blue lol, and yes this shoe has been worn over and over again don't really care lol I think its one of my favourite shoes Got the bodycon dress from Dorothy Perkins and I paired it with my mint H&M blazer cant seem to get enough of it.

Hope you like the pics.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins// Blazer: H&M// Shoes: Topshop// Clutch: Newlook// Neckpiece: Claires

1 November 2013

Check Please

'Therefore he siad unto Judah, Let us build these cities, and make about them walls, and towers, gates and bars, while the land is yet before us, because we have sought the Lord our God, we have sought him, and he hath given us rest on every side. so they build and prospered. ' 2 Chronicles 14:7' 

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Happy weekend too. I am fine, so sorry this is a late post sometimes sitting in front of my laptop is like a huge task to me lol.

I know we have challenges, things we want God to do for us, prayers that aren't answered yet and when we are asked to pray for others we might drag our feet sometimes. Have you ever been in a church or prayer meeting and when we are asked to pray for others you dont really hear shouts, or screams but once they ask us to pray for ourselves oh we want to bring the roof down lol, been there done that Lord have mercy. Prayer for others can be a huge task especially when you have loads of prayer points for yourself. Intercession is motivated by concern, love and sacrifice. During intercession you have to lose yourself and become someone else, carry someone else's burden but be rest assured that when you do it according to God's will He will answer yours too. He wont leave you dry no thats not our God. Take time out today to pray for someone in need, pray for that woman across your street who seems to be struggling on her own as a single mum, pray for that guy who needs a job inorder to sustain his family, pray for others first sincerely and with faith in your heart and know that God would lift you up beyond your comprehension.

See you at the top.

Havent been wearing trousers or jeans since I got pregnant especially for my growing bump becos all of mine doesnt fit anymore, I do know there is maternity belt but don't know why not really my thing so when I saw this one online from Asos I know this was meant to be lol, Made up my mind would be getting maternity trousers or jeans that would give me maximum comfort. Paired with my green check top from Asos too and my lovely cornflower blue blazer from H&M. Hope you like the pics.

Blazer: H&M// Top: Asos// Skinny Jeans: Asos// Shoes: Jasper Conran// Bag: Zara//
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