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8 March 2015

Girl Power

'The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down Proverbs  14:1'

Happy International  Women's day, how are you doing? The world would be meaningless without women, I love strong, independent women, who aren't afraid  to be who God wants them to be. Women who are great influence  to those around them and to the society at large, women who build their homes whether  they are single single or married.  Women who stand in the gap praying for others, women who are intercessor,  counselors, peace makers.

There are loads of women with such attributes in the Bible, who through  them great men were born. Women like Deborah, Sarah, Esther, Mary, Ruth.

It is my prayer we will continue to remain  strong for ourselves, families and to the whole world.

As you can see we got the Girl Power going on here, we decided to go with denim on denim for that chic look. I love photos hoots with my girls it's all fun, fun, fun. Today was a good day at least Sachi allowed us take pictures of her she was camera ready lol and no I didn't have to 'bribe' her with anything.

Enjoy the pics lovelies.

Sienna's  Outfit: Top HM
                               Jeans: Zara
                               Shoes: HM

Sachi's  Outfit: Top - HM
                            Jeans - HM
                            Shoes - HM

My outfit: Top - Primark
                    Jeans - Zara
                     Shoes - Primark

4 March 2015

Fashion Icon Of The Month: Fumi Desalu-Vold

'She is more  precious than rubies: nothing  you desire  can compare with her Proverbs 3:15'

Hi everyone hope you are all doing great, as you can see I am keeping to my promise. I know it's been a while especially bringing  you guys my fashion icon of the month.

Fumi is a former Super Model, an Actress and television host/presenter. Born in Moscow, Russia to a Nigerian father and a Gambian mother, she was raised in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fumi was the winner of the first ever Super Model competition in West Africa in 1991 and went on to have a successful career and model for several major fashion houses houses/labels on the runways of Paris, Milan, London & New York.
Upon her relocation from London to New York, she was accepted at the famed Actor’s Studio where none other than James Lipton declared that she was going to be a Star.

Not only has Fumi found fame in Hollywood where she had bit parts in the popular and the number one television show at that time, Ugly Betty, she has also featured in films alongside Eddie Murphy (Norbit), Hugh Grant (American Dreamz) to name a few.
With her personal life blooming, she continued to have a successful acting career in Norway. She is fluent in Norwegian and has starred in national television soaps and feature films including Hotel CEASAR & VARG VEUM where she was the only actor in the film to speak three languages: English, Afrikanns and Norwegian. Just recently relocated to London, she’s has more recently starred in the American drama television show 24.

Fumi was also featured in the American edition of People magazine as a timeless beauty. As a professional make-up artist, fashion & style blogger, Fumi says she’s learnt from the best in the entertainment and fashion industry during her years working as a model in New York and as an actress in Hollywood.
Her beauty tips have featured in various beauty magazines and websites including Fashion Fair cosmetics, Italian Vogue, and a range of Nigerian and Scandinavian magazines.
With her training spanning across a 20yr career in the fashion and entertainment industry Fumi is taking over the social media world by storm, by launching her blog called, and a constantly growing YouTube channel, called ‘Fumi fashion and Beauty’, to showcase her exquisite fashion style and make-up techniques and skills.
Even World Super Star, Recording Artist & Actress, Jennifer Lopez follows Fumi on Instagram & enjoys Fumi’s beauty & make-up tips.
Fumi is working towards having her own daytime talk show and continues to work in the world of entertainment and fashion.

With a degree in Business Administration, Fumi and her husband have their own company and are looking forward to launching her own clothing collection, make-up brand and signature fragrance, building her brand to represent her vision and carving out a niche in the industry that is unique to her lifestyle & projects.

Fumi Desalu-Vold.
Instagram FumiDesaluVold
Linkedin/ Fumi Desalu-Vold
Facebook/ FumiFashionfiles
Fashion Writer @TheBespokeBlackBook



1 March 2015

Black & White

'I have set the LORD always before me. Because  he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken Psalm 16:8"

Happy New Month beautiful people. Welcome to the month of March, I am really excited can't wait for what God has in store for us, this month is my Seville's first birthday, How time flies seems like yesterday when he was born. I am very grateful to God for His blessings, His mercies, His love and tender loving kindness.

My outfit today was inspired by this lovely houndstooth  dress which was Thrifted got it for £4, I have had it for a while and when I thought of putting together a black and white themed outfit I knew it had to come out of my closet. With my lovely striped blazer from HM, it made the outfit classy and chic too. Black and white is always a perfect combination, if you want that clean look and you want to play safe sometimes then this colour  combination  is for you.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Dress: Thrifted// Blazer: HM// Shoes: Asos// Bag: Asos// Sunglasses: Asos//

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