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8 March 2015

Girl Power

'The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down Proverbs  14:1'

Happy International  Women's day, how are you doing? The world would be meaningless without women, I love strong, independent women, who aren't afraid  to be who God wants them to be. Women who are great influence  to those around them and to the society at large, women who build their homes whether  they are single single or married.  Women who stand in the gap praying for others, women who are intercessor,  counselors, peace makers.

There are loads of women with such attributes in the Bible, who through  them great men were born. Women like Deborah, Sarah, Esther, Mary, Ruth.

It is my prayer we will continue to remain  strong for ourselves, families and to the whole world.

As you can see we got the Girl Power going on here, we decided to go with denim on denim for that chic look. I love photos hoots with my girls it's all fun, fun, fun. Today was a good day at least Sachi allowed us take pictures of her she was camera ready lol and no I didn't have to 'bribe' her with anything.

Enjoy the pics lovelies.

Sienna's  Outfit: Top HM
                               Jeans: Zara
                               Shoes: HM

Sachi's  Outfit: Top - HM
                            Jeans - HM
                            Shoes - HM

My outfit: Top - Primark
                    Jeans - Zara
                     Shoes - Primark


  1. This is so beautiful... Really cute.
    Love it...
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  2. So lovely! You make me want to have babies asap!!


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