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27 April 2014


"Let your speech be always seasoned with grace,  seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man Colossians 3:6'

Hello everyone,  hope your week was great,  mine was well a bit lol, its been a while I know but I do promise to blog more often.  Sometimes I have to do it while the kids are asleep especially at night that way I am not distracted.

Most times people do things to get approval from their other people, they feel a lil bit secured infact happy when other people commend them or when they are being told what they are doing is right, especially on social media, we are happy when we get so many likes on instagram,  or facebook, we are delighted when we see people following us too. Kids do things to get their parents approval, so also employees do things to get their employers approval. Trust me its all good but when we shift our attention to wanting to please men and get their approval then something is wrong.

What do we do to get God's approval? Are we more interested in getting a man's approval other than God's? Do we do good deeds for men to see us? Or do we do it regardless of who is watching us? When you have God's approval the sky is just your starting point.  You don't need an 'holier than thou' attitude to get God's approval, He said come unto me as you are. Do my will, follow me and I will show you great and mighty things. The same way we are happy when we get likes for when we post pictures,  the same way God is happy when we do what He wants us to do, the same way He is hzppy when we pray, fast, give unto others,  treat others as we want to be treated.

Get God's approval today and you would be glad you did.

Now to my outfit, thank God Spring is here time to bring out vibrant colours, this time I wore a yellow swing dress one thing I love about this dress its kinda flowy, gives room for jumping or rather running round with the kids lol but not with my heels though haha, paired it with my favourite blue platform shoes. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Dress:Boohoo// Shoes: Topshop// Necklace:Primark //

16 April 2014

Print Charming

'For thou shall break forth on the right hand and on the left, and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited Isaiah 54:3'

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great, lovely week I must say. Been a bit busy with Seville who constantly needs my attention well they are do really lol.

I can't stop giving God all the glory for where I am now, for my family its been God and Him alone, I am not here by accident and so are you, He said I know the thoughts I have concerning you thoughts of peace and you give us an expected end. God is always, always on time no matter what. Let me tell you a lil bit of what He did for me.

When I was a lil bit younger I had this habit of writing down who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do especially what I wanted God to do for me and each time I keep going back to my diary to tick prayers He has answered and all. I did write I wanted to start my own business infact I even had a name for it, I always said I would use my first child's name, I wrote down what kind of man I would want to get married to, how many kids I would have etc. So when God started answering my prayers I was so excited now when it came to my kids I did write I wanted 3 kids two girls and a boy but when I started giving birth to them I wanted to stop at just 2 even though my husband wanted 3. When I got pregnant the thrid time believe me I wasnt expecting it cos I was oh no I only wanted 2, well God took me back to my diary and said 'oh Esther you asked for 3 remember why do you want to stop at just 2' I said to myself well that was what I wrote then so I should be grateful and right from when I was pregnant I knew without us checking what sex the  baby would be, I wanted a boy and my Deltan King wanted a girl I was like 'baby so you want to be surrounded by women' lol. When the time we went for a scan and the sonographer was checking all the vital organs of the baby I was anxiously waiting for her to tell me what we were having, I kept asking her she would say please hold on, and when she finally told us, I screamed 'YES'.

With this I know definitely for sure God would do what He says He will do in your life, has He said it shall He not bring it to pass. Just hold on and hang on, to people it might be late for you but to God who is the giver of all good gifts is working something great for you. So get up, rise up, chin up, face forward, lift up your hands and thank Him for all those things He has done and what He is yet to do. 

See you at the top.

For my outfit decided to try out a playsuit, yes this is my first one lol, love the fact that one can dress it up or down, I added my yellow blazer and oh yes my lovely leopard print shoes and clutch. I have been waiting to get the perfect leopard print shoes and when I saw this on Matalan's website I was delighted. Designed by two top British designers Philip Amstrong and Tony Burke.

Enjoy the pics.

Blazer: Zara// Playsuit: Asos// Shoes: Philip Amstrong// Clutch: Philip Amsrong//

7 April 2014

Meet Seville, My Deltan Prince

"Bless the Lord O my soul, O  Lord my God, thou art very great: thou art clothed with honourand majesty Psalm 104:1"

Hi every, how are you all doing?  Its been a long while, yes that I know, the last stages of my pregnancy was a bit stressful, was tired practically all the time, running around 2 toddlers, but I give God all the glory couldn't have it any other way.

Some weeks before I gave birth, went to see my consultant and was given a date for a Csection because I had Sienna and Sachi through Csection and thought it wise to do same for this baby. Sienna was was born through an emergency Csection, while Sachi was an elective one, oh yes I actually picked a date lol and it was the same for my Deltan Prince too. Enough of the long talk let me formally introduce to you the latest addition to my family, his name is Seville Onoriode Gbudje born 17th March and he weighed 8pounds 4ounces. I want to give God all the glory for safe delivery, he is doing great and I am too. His sisters can't seem to get enough of him, they keep giving him hugs and kisses especially Sachi, something funny happened when their dad brought them to see Seville at the hospital, immediately Sachi saw him she shut her eyes, didn't want to talk to me, couldn't look at her brother either, guess she was jealous and she thought oh well this is for real now lol. Now he is here let the blogging continue lol.

And thanks to everyone for their lovely comments and messages, I really appreciate it. God bless you all.

Enjoy your day

Lots of love


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