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10 January 2014

Age Gap, Does It Matter?

Dealing with a big age difference in a relationship is never easy. You can't help who you fall in love with and it happens to be with someone older, so what? Below, I'm going to detail out some of the tips to handle a big age difference in a relationship so that you can truly learn that a relationship with a major age difference isn't a big deal. So ladies, let's see how to handle big age differences in a relationship!


One of the first things that you must remember when you're dealing with big age differences in a relationship is age is just a number. It doesn't define you. You could be 21 and be as mature as a 30 year old. It all depends on your personality and the personality of your partner. That doesn't mean that big age differences in a relationship is easy to handle, but just keep in mind that the age is just a number.

One of the challenges that you will face when you have big age differences in a relationship is different generations. Truthfully, this all depends on how big of a generation gap there is. Are we talking 10 or 15 years? That could be hard to handle, but again, it all depends on the personality. Maybe someone that is 15 years older than you is willing to learn all about your generation if you're willing to teach them.

Why are you in a relationship that has huge generation gaps? Well, it's probably because you have some really good common ground right? This is what you should be concentrating on. After all, that's the reason to be in a relationship in the first place right?

Never, ever should you be in any relationship for the wrong reasons. Is the man that you're with rich? Are you dating him just because of that? Don't. That is not right and truthfully, it can make you look bad in the end.

When you have big age differences in a relationship, you don't want to treat it as a special relationship, in fact, you should be treating this relationship as any other. After all, it is right? No matter how much of an age difference there is.

As with any relationship, you always want to make sure that the connection you and your boyfriend have is really strong. This is especially true in relationships with big age gaps though. After all, you are fighting through things like generation gaps and even controversy and having a strong connection will make it all worth it in the end.


Finally, be confident in the choice that you made. If you love an older man, don't be ashamed of it. You are the only person who can decide who you date and spend time with and if that happens to be someone older, so be it!
As you can see ladies, there are tons of different ways you can deal with a big age difference in a relationship. You just have to make sure that you understand, a big age difference in a relationship is tough to handle, in the beginning, but as people get used to your relationship, it will get easier. With that said, have you ladies ever been in a relationship with a wide age gap? Tell me about it!


9 January 2014

Double Check

'In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you I Thess: 518'

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year once again. How are you all doing? Made any new year resolutions yet, any goals, prayer requests etc. I am doing fine, baby is doing fine too. Sienna has been asking me when we are going to the hospital to have the baby and I keep telling her soon. The other day she even told her teacher at school that I have had the baby already of cos she was excited but she was surprised when she saw me with the bump and told me what Sienna had told her lol. Good to know I am not the only one excited or expectant lol.

Still thanking God for His mercies and faithfulness over our lives, and also saying a big thank you to all my wonderful readers. What God has said concerning you, He will bring to pass in Jesus name.

Monochrome look has come to say I must say I dont really see it fading off anytime soon, that was why I created this look especially with my Asos check skirt. My zara shoes is the most comfortable shoes ever, I don't feel as if I have heels on. Yes I had to change my hairstyle, went for box braids, I intend to have it till I give birth that is if I don't get tired of it lol.

Hope you enjoy my pics.

God bless you once again.

Jacket: Matalan// Bralet: Newlook// Skirt: Asos// Shoes: Zara// Bag: Zara//

3 January 2014

Style Icon: Portia of JustPorsh

'Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children Psalm 90:16'

Happy New Year once again my lovely, beautiful people, hope you are all doing great? you looking forward to this wonderful year I bet. We have so much to thank God for, I do. This month would be my blog's firstanniversary can't believe its a year old lol and just thinking of how best to celebrate it.

As you all know I do celebrate beautiful people who has inspired me one way or the other not just with what they wear but with their great personalities too. What glorious way to start the new year with our style icon of the month. I present to you Portia of JustPorsh.

Her name is Nwaokonko Portia and she is a graduate of Law who has a strong passion for fashion, she loves reading novels, listening to songs and surfing the internet. I love, love the way she makes simple outfits look chic, elegant and sophisticated. I call her 'Darling moi' one beautiful lady I am dying to meet in person. When I discovered her blog I fell in love with her completely and when I got to know her I found out we share some things in common.

She is cute, beautiful, God's own special specie, humble, attractive, style inspiration, elegant and chic. Am very sure when you go through her pictures and also her blog you would agree with me that she is one in a lifetime woman.


1 January 2014

2014 IS HERE

Yayyyyyy, 2014 is here beautiful people, how are you feeling? excited? elated? happy? expectant? I bet all rolled in one. I am very excited about this year, I have good feelings about it, cos I know God would do a new thing this year and we would definitely know it. This is our year of answered prayers, of our desires been met and a year of unlimited favour and great opportunities.

No doubt its been God all the way, we bless Him for 2013 all the challenges, the experiences, the joys, the sorrows, the troubles, the trials, the tribulations, the victories and we thank Him for granting us the grace and mercy to see a New Year.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all you my wonderfully followers to all those who leave comments on my blog and also who find time to read too. You would be highly lifted up by our Almighty Father.

I promise that this year things would be different on my blog yea yea I would put up post more often so please I would love to hear any suggestions you have on how to move my blog forward and as you do God will bless you abundantly in Jesus name. Amen

Welcome to 2014.

Love you loads



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