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21 July 2013

My Lil Peplum Dress

'These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world John 16:33'

Happy Sunday my darlings, how was your week? Did you go shopping, bowling, sun bathing lol, cos the weather is really really hot here, sometimes I wish I could jump into a swimming pool even though I dont know how to swim *covers face* yes I said it I dont know how to swim lol well I am allergic to water hahahaha  anyway I hope you had fun.

During the week Sienna and I went to a friend's graduation ceremony and we took the train from London to Colchester my baby was so happy cos that was her first time on a train, she enjoyed every bit she kept saying hi to everybody lol.

There is this song I love very much, sang by Mary Mary titled 'Can't Give Up Now' and each time I listen to it I encourage myself and I also say no matter what life throws at me I will overcome, Christ didnt promise we won't have troubles or trials but He did promise He would be there and He said 'Cheer up cos I have overcome'.  So my beautiful people cheer up cos you are a winner already, no matter what you are going through, you have overcome already Praise God. So rise up, chin up, lift up your eyes and take dominion.

 I have been looking for an orange blazer like forever especially one I could afford lol, and finally I got an email notification that Mango sales was on, I decided to check to see if I could buy something from them oh I had a big grin on my face and I think I actually shouted 'yes, yes' cos I was actually looking at an orange blazer and also in my size, I didnt even blink twice I just purchased it and oh my when it finally came I fell in love lol. And other lovely shoes to pair it with than my own white Zara ankle strap sandals. Hope you enjoy the pics beauties.

 Blazer: Mango// Vest: Newlook// Skirt: Newlook// Shoes: Zara// Bag: Zara// Necklace: Claires Accessories

So tell me am I hawwwt or am I hawwtt lol

Let me know what you think darlings.




1st Giveaway: Clutch

 Hey lovelies, how is your weekend going? Great I guess, well being so busy with family and business but I must say though, I miss you guys lol. Yay here is my first giveaway you can also call it my birthday giveaway too, one lucky winner would take home a white chevron stud fold over clutch.


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Goodluck and may my Best Follower win. (Entry closes 5th of August 2013)


19 July 2013

Trending: Get Graphic

 'And God said let there be light and there was light Genesis 1:3'

Hello beautiful people, how you are doing? And how was your week? I bet you are saying thank God its Friday right now lol well I am, and the weather is hot, hot, hot, I love it though. Speak life into your life, what you say is whom you are, speak forth His word concerning your family, business, job, academics and see Him at work. Be positive.

Today's post is all about graphic tees one time or the other we must have worn one.

Graphic tees are T-shirts with a graphic design located somewhere on the shirt. The image is typically screen printed on the front of the shirt, but some have designs on the side, the back, or the sleeves. Graphic tees have been making rounds in the fashion circuit for years, but they became extremely popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s as designers and clothing manufacturers of all sorts and sizes began taking advantage of a variety of graphic design techniques made possible by computers and technology. 

The term “graphic tees” is used to describe T-shirts containing images, rather than describing the style or fit. Other terms associated with T-shirts include “vintage,” which can describe both style and a fit, “athletic,” which describes fit only, and “pocket,” which describes a style. Crewneck, v-neck, and deep-v also describe style. The term “novelty” typically describes a T-shirt with witty, humorous, or obnoxious words or phrases printed on it, but novelty tees could also be considered graphic, especially those containing easily recognized images.

The images on these tees range widely from random art and licensed characters to bands and company logos. They are available for both genders and all ages, though are most abundant in youth departments and catalogs for young men and ladies.

Love you all and do enjoy your weekend




14 July 2013

Fun Weekend Getaway

'In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you 
I Thessalonian 5:17' 

Am so blessed, my Deltan Princesses had their birthday all in the same week, am so grateful to God for giving us such pretty, wonderful, sweet, loving and beautiful gifts. Hey lovelies and how are you doing, sorry for no much post this week been a bit busy and we had to go on a family weekend getaway to celebrate our Deltan Princessess birthdays. It was fun, fun, fun both in the arcade and on the beach too. Yea I know the pictures is more than usual but hey its all beautiful. Hope you enjoy them.


8 July 2013

Happy Birthday to My Divalicious Deltan Princess II

'Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward Psalm 127:3'

It seems like yesterday when I first saw you, when I first held you in my arms (hang on daddy held you first lol) anyway we couldnt wait to see you even though we had a glimpse of you when you were still in mummy's tummy. I looked at you and I was overwhelmed, excited, happy and surprised yes I said surprised cos your head was full of hair cos that was the first thing I checked lol silly me. I kept saying God thank you for this beautiful gift, daddy was excited too, held you close and kept wetting your lil face with kisses, you big sister was in the waiting room with her godmother and she kept asking where is the baby lol. You are a source of joy to us thats why we named you 'SACHI' meaning 'child of joy' oh by the way its a Japanese name and don't ask I cant speak the language lol. We fell in love with the name and its meaning. 

Its a year already how time flies, remember your first smile, your first tooth, your first crawl, your first step and yes I know the cartoon that makes cracks you up all the time and right now you sing 'the kids on the bus go yap yap yap, all day long' lol it is your anthem. I know you will be great, I can see greatness in you, I know you be and you will create positive impact to your generation, your fame shall go far and wide, you will make us your parents very proud cos you are brave, intelligent, smart, lovely girl. God's arm will rest upon you and you will live to fulfil your destiny, your life shall not be cut short, Nations shall rise and call you blessed, you shall live to serve God and know Him too.

To my beautiful, pretty Deltan Princess Sachi, we, mummy and daddy + Sienna say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hip Hip Hip Hurray.

Love, love, love, love, love you loads. Mwuahhhhhh


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