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24 August 2014

White Affair

'He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough Proverbs 28:19'

Hey guys, how are you all doing, great I guess, how is your weekend going? Doing anything new? Having fun with your family and friends. Its unbelievable how time flies very soon it would be Christmas,  I hope you have a wishlist ready, things you would love to have for Christmas and what you want to get for family and friends. I pray God brings us into it in Jesus name.

Christ became poor so that we might be rich not just monetary terms but rich in health, in family, in business,  emotionally, mentally etc. Being rich isnt a bad thing at all yes some of us might say too much money is bad the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil not that money itself is evil its how we go about making the money that matters.  As long as we inbolve God in all we do then we are fine, trust me poverty doesnt have many friends.  God said He wishes above all things that we prosper even as our soul prospers, yes soulish prosperity is very vital what comes out of your soul matters a lot. Your inner beauty should radiate much more than the physical one and the only way we can live a prosperous life is when we abide by God's rules and meditating of God's word. So go on digest God's word, meditate on it and do accordingly as He has instructed and God would grant you great success in Jesus name.

I seem to get lovely treasures when I go thrift shopping not that I deliberately go out to do that lol, the shops just seem to call out my name when I walk past it, like this HM skirt I had already walked past the shop when I had a nudge to go inside and I did, I kept searching and searching heavens knows what exactly I was looking for when I saw this skirt I quickly checked the price tag and I saw £2.50, I said yes and when I saw the size my face fell and I told myself common Esther go try it on first (it was a size 14) and viola it was a perfect fit, quite a steal right lol I had yo put together my outfit with my gorgeous white jumper an yes my new ball pearl necklace I got from my sweetheart since I missed the one Zara sold, pls check my Instagram page on items I have for sale. Enjoy the pics lovelies.

Jumper: HM// Skirt: HM thrifted// Shoes: Philip Amstrong// Bag: Newlook// Sunnies: Dorothyperkins Necklace: Theaccessorieslounge//

17 August 2014

Casual Sunday

 'The light of wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine Job 18:5'

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was great, I had a great one too, spending quality time with my family is awesome couldnt ask for anything else. God is so so ood to us and we are really grateful to Him, for the gift of life, the miracle of sleeping and waking up I don't take for granted cos I know there are loads of prople who wished to see today but couldnt its not becos I am better than them or more prayerful its all becos of God's wonderful grace upon us.

 The weather is getting a bit chilly now, pls, pls summer don't leave yet, I still love you and wanna rock my shorts lol.

Went a lil bit casual today with my white ripped skinny jeans I got from Zara and yes it was on sale hahaha, I have had this orange shirt from Dorothy Perkins, I love the vibrant colour and the fact that its a 3 quater shirt, I seem to love rolling up the sleeves of anything I wear now from jackets to tops and shirts lol, husby would say why not leave the sleeve the way it is lol.

Top: Dorothyperkins// Jeans: Zara// Shoes: Zara// Bag: Newlook// Sunnies: HM// Earrings: Newlook//


16 August 2014

Double Spots

'The works of His hands are verity and judgement; all His commandments are sure Psalm 111:7'

Hey everyone how are you all doing?  It seems ages since my last post, missed blogging its that that I have been so busy with my family and business too, yes to those of us who don't know this I am a personal shopper, whoever needs my service pays for it and shipping too and I do ship worldwide not just Nigeria, even though majority of my clients are Nigerians. I know how to look for key pieces that would fit into your closet and also dig out good to bargains for you too, so if you are interested pls email me at or bb pi 7C565747.  Thanks a lot.

I am going to make this post a quick one, cos duty calls but I have missed you guys, please don't forget to leave your comments I really appreciate it.

I just love polkadots even though I dont have loads of outfits with them, for the skirt which I wore soe weeks backs with a stripe blouse, but this time I decided to try something else you know experiment a bit hahahha. Polkadots on polkadot eent for the redntop to create sort of a constrast to the big black polkadot skirt, and this my lovely red satin platform pumps from Pleasers USA, and oh yes am really feeling more comfortable and confident with my naturalist hair now lol.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people.

3 August 2014

Mustard Seed

"And Jesus said unto them, because of your unbelief: I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move; Nothing will be impossible for you Matthew 17:20"

Hey everyone,  how are you doing? Hope you had a spelndid weekend, mine was ok, spent the weekend shopping for customers and also some school items for Sienna come September she would be starting Reception class and she is pretty excited about it, she keeps asking me 'mummy when is September? Its taking forever,  I have been waiting for ages' hahahaha She loves school though, I pray it stays that way.

"What does it mean to have mustard seed faith?"

Faith is so vital to the Christian life that Scripture tells us without it, it is impossible to please God and yet faith is such a powerful gift from God that with just a tiny measure of it, the size of a mustard seed, Christ told His disciples they could move mountains. So, what does it mean to have “mustard seed faith”? By using the uncommonly small mustard seed as an example, Jesus is speaking figuratively about the incalculable power of God when unleashed in the lives of those with true faith. We know that this statement about moving mountains and uprooting trees by faith is not to be taken literally. No one can do such things, no matter how great their faith. The key to understanding the passages is the nature of faith, which is a gift from God. The power of faith reflects the omnipotent nature of the God who bestows faith on His own. The mustard seed is one of the tiniest seeds found in the Middle East, so the conclusion is that the amount of faith needed to do great things is very small indeed. So, too, does the tiniest bit of faith, when it is true faith from God, grow to immense proportions in the lives of believers and spreading out to influence all they come into contact with.

I picked this Zara wide legs trousers last minute especially when I saw it in my closet, I remembered I had only worn it once and I said to myelf I gotta wear it again, I shouldnt allow it go to waste at all and with my blue lace top from Dorothy Perkins I was good to go, for quite a while I have been looking for a lace top especially something I could wear however I want and it fits perfectly for that purpose. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Top: Dorothyperkins// Trousers: Zara// Shoes: Zara// Clutch: Zara//
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