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29 January 2013


On a tight budget?From understanding how the sales work, to frock swapping and hunting for bargains online (as well as learning how to practise self-control), follow our top tips on saving money while you shop and you'll never pay full price again.


1. Work the Sales

The number one rule for anyone who wants to shop on a budget: always shop off-season, on weekdays and at sale-time. Your winter bargains are best bought in March, April, and May; snap your spring buys at a snip of the price in June, July and August; your summerwear in September, October and November and your autumn collection in November, December and January.
Weekdays (particularly Thursday evenings) are the best time to hit the shops.  this is because shops have a much better selection on weekdays. "On the weekend, you'll only get picked-over stuff because the stores don't have time to restock," she adds. By Thursday, many of the weekend sales have started but everything is available. Sale-wise, the best time to buy an item you like is six to eight weeks after it arrives in the shop - this is when it will have dropped to its lowest price in its season-end clearance.

2. Know Where to Shop

Trendy clothes don't just belong in the top designer shops, or even the popular high street shops. Keeping your mind open and your peepers peeled really will allow you to unearth a multitude of hidden fashion gems.
Move out of your shopping comfort zone and venture into the unknown; be that the cheaper high-street shops you usually wouldn't think to go in, vintage shops, charity shops, flea markets - hell, even shops that are renowned as being unfashionable! Though you may cringe at the thought, you never know where you might dig out your greatest, cheapest fashion find, that doesn't break the bank. Happy scouting!

3. Shop Online

Shopping online can be the best move to make if you're looking to save the pennies. Below are just a few ways in which online shopping could save you money. Most online shops offer discounts on multiple purchases as well as in-store returns. Money-savvy shoppers can take advantage of this by buying enough to qualify for the best discounts and free delivery, and then cut costs on returns by taking unwanted items back to the shop.

4. Fashion Freebies

If your budget is non-existent, don't rule out the forgotten purchases at the back of your wardrobe. As fashion trends constantly return, keep your old clothes and dig them out when you're bored of your newer things. You'll be amazed at what you find, and won't have to spend a penny to change your look.

5. Wear it Well

Varying the way you mix and match your clothes  is another way you can create a new look for free. Though you might be fed up of your clothes, even the plainest items can look amazing when put together well. The smallest alterations, such as the roll of a cuff, or the turn-up of a collar, can also make a big difference to your overall look.

6. Sell or Swap Unwanted Clothes

Now I know we just stressed the importance of hoarding, but if you know you'll never wear that hideous dress again, you may as well get something for it – be it money or material goods - rather than just chucking it away. If you're after cash, then you can sell your unwanted items either at a car-boot sale or online.  You'll be surprised at how much others are willing to pay for something you'd actually pay them to take off your hands! One girl's fashion disaster really is another girl's treasure.

7. Buy the Basics

Though it may seem boring to spend your budget bucks on basic clothing, it really will do your pocket a favour in the long run. Neutral colours, staple items and decent fabrics, such as black or grey trousers, white shirts and navy jeans will last you all year round (and probably for the next 10 years too!) A simple cardigan or plain pair of jeans will never go out of fashion, and can be worn anytime, anywhere.

8. Use Accessories

Investing in good accessories is a great way to jazz up your wardrobe without spending a fortune. They change an outfit immediately - you could wear the same pair of jeans and plain T-shirt for a full week, but with different accessories, and no one would know. Look out for statement pieces of jewellery - such as oversized necklaces, unusual scarves, or eye-grabbing belts. Anything that'll alter the appearance of an outfit and add that 'wow' factor is what you’re after.

9. Quality Not Quantity

It's better to buy the best you can afford and wear it for years and years, until it literally falls apart, than to buy a load of really cheap clothes that won't last a week. When on a budget, think quality, not quantity. For a little extra money, good fabrics will last a lifetime, and won't lose their shape and colour like cheaper alternatives quickly do. Spending just a little more really will result in being more cost-effective in the long run.

10. Avoid Impulse-Buying

Impulse-buying is a bad habit that often results in the regretful purchase of ill-fitting, ugly clothes we simply don't want.

27 January 2013

Oh Pinky Meeeeee!

Hi lovelies, its so good to know that we are loved by God and that He has great plans and He also wants us to fulfil our purpose here on earth. Had a fantastic day out with my family and it was fun beautiful day too even though it was freezing loll. I dont know if I can ever get used to the cold. Well my outfit today was just playing around and I thought I could do with bit of red to complement my pink skater dress. The dress is really warm and I love the colour too pink has always been favourite colour. Paired the look with my lovely jacket I got from HM. Enjoy your day beauties. And remember you are for signs and wonders.

Dress - River Island
Bag - Newlook
Jacket - HM
Shoes - Newlook

What do you think of the outfit?

24 January 2013

Pinafores Are Back! Shop Our Faves Here

 Pinafore's are back in fashion, and we couldn't be more excited. Hey, we haven't rocked one of these denim beauties since we were toddlers, and we're pretty eager to give them a spin for a second time round.
Two of our faves right now are straight from the high street, and the best part is, there's a cut to suit everyone. A SS13 fashion trend that works whatever your body shape? Yep, this is definitely one style ship we need to jump aboard.
We're loving this pale denim style from Topshop, plus this cute A-line one from Miss Selfridge.
Keep your pinafore looking preppy and on-trend with a long sleeved breton tee and loafers. It's the perfect off-duty weekend piece, and because it's made of denim, it's super warm too.
Spring fashion trends we can still wear in the snow? We're all over this. HG

22 January 2013

Leopard Print and Stripes

Had to go do some shopping today with my girls and it was fun. Thank goodness it wasnt snowing, I love snow especially when you take pictures it gives your whole look that extra edge. I just tried my hands on head wrapping and I loved it.

Leopard Print Scarf - River Island
Military Jacket - Missguided
Green Jumper - HM
Stripe Top - Newlook
Panel cream jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Stripe flat shoes - BHF

16 January 2013

Just A Normal Day

Hi Lovelies
Well this is my first stint on blogging, Praying all goes well fingers crossed. I am a lover of good things especially clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories too. I love looking great and I know I have my own personal style.

Its another sunday again and I felt like going all out in this pretty colour, yes I know Neon is the in-thing now and I do absolutely love it. Wore this as it was a thanksgiving sunday in my church.

Going Neon

Red Blazer                   - HM
Black Sheer Top          - Newlook
Neon Jeans                  - HM
Red Platform Shoes   - Pleasers USA
Red Necklace             - Best Imports USA
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