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17 March 2013

Stepping Up

'For with God nothing shall be impossible' Luke 1:37

Hello my beautiful lovelies, my week and weekend was great hope yours was too, hope you had fun at work or at play lolll, am so sorry for blogging just one outfit for the week, I promise this will change very soon got so much on my plate now cos we are in the middle of a move which can be very tiresome and challenging too, don't get me wrong I am really excited about it because I believe the move will open doors and more opportunities for my Deltan King and Princesses.

Change they say is the only constant thing in life, one is created for a purpose and for a reason therefore we have to find our purpose here on earth and make sure we fulfil it too. Step up your game, what gifts do you have? what is your talents my lovelies step it up do something for yourself, dont remain in one place if you have to relocate to step up then by all means do so, keep moving and don't stop. You are meants for the top. Don't settle for less dearies.

Of all the gift I received last year for my birthday I loved this navy blue clutch my sis-inlaw got me it was really sweet of her the colour of the got me too. I know, I know I have worn this pink skater dress but I just seem to love it too and I do get lots of compliments when I wear it someone actually thought I was still in the university cos she saw me amongs students well what can I say I look young loll. I am obsessed with newlook that was where I got the peterpan collar necklace just one word for it beautiful got this sparkly effect too and I didnt want it to be too matchy matchy I just added my pointed beige shoes from Jasper Conran went shopping the other day saw it was on sales at a very cheap price just grabbed it without thinking twice. Hope you like the pictures.

Pink Skater Dress: River Island// Blazer: Laradoute// Navy Blue Clutch: Secret Sales// Necklace: Newlook// Shoes: Jasper Conran

Have a lovely week dearies



  1. my friend.. you are gorgeous!!! love your look as always!

  2. Hey Esther,i have learnt a thing or two. thumbs up girl!

  3. Awww thanks Modupe am happy you like it.

  4. dis outfit makes me green with jealousy.
    Beautiful combo. Mi Love it.

  5. Thanks so much, really appreciate it


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