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22 March 2013

Trending: Pointed shoes

My dearies, hope you are doing great and your week isnt too stressfull. Yes its the start of a weekend, a time to relax and unwind after a long week.

Pointed shoes is one of the trends of 2013 in the fashion world if you are looking to take a fashionable step into spring, let your shoes lead the way sleek, sophisticated and ladylike, the pointy-toe shoe is coming back strong, pushing several seasons’ worth of chunky platforms toward the back of the closet.

Pointed shoes, which are among the Spring/ Summer 2013 shoe trends, are sexy and stylish. They make a woman’s foot look feminine and small, and they are perfect to complete any elegant and sophisticated look. 

Some pointed shoes come with metallic toes which have also returned to fashion. Such shoes are also interesting. Besides, they are hugely practical since toes are the first things we tend to destroy when wearing shoes.

Have a lovely day everyone



  1. Please are there any tips for wearing heels? Balancing on them is hardwork

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes there is I would post some tips next week. Meanwhile its good to go with what you are comfortable with , when buying shoes try it on and walk round with it a little to know if actually you can balance on them well.

  3. love the shoes especially the ones that are not too high.

  4. Thanks Trendy, same here I love them and I love them high too lolll, it means you like mid-heels. I sell too


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