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1 March 2013


Hi lovelies how is your day going? It so happened I went window shopping some days ago and before I left home I told myself I am not buying anything, yea right who was I kidding got to TK Maxx and saw this beautiful Neon Green Clutch, I mean they had other colours but I really liked this one and I held on to it, I actually stood in front of the shelve for like 30mins I kept thinking in my mind should I or shouldnt I at the end of the day I took courage and went to pay at the till. 

Moved over to Debenhams and saw this pointed beige Jasper Conran shoes on sales too I didnt have to think so hard I just grabbed it. Cant wait to rock this.

Moved over to Superdrug where I got this nail polish, I love bright colours

Am a big fan of MAC been using them for ages and I have never been disappointed no not once. With this Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation it makes my face flawless and gives it this natural look.

And finally got this eyeshadow palette. I said it I love bright colours.

Neon Green Clutch - Beth J
Beige Pointed Shoes - Jasper Conran
Nail Polish - Beauty UK
MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation
Sleek Ultra Mattes n Bright Palette



  1. I love the clutch especially the color. Getting a mac powder that suits your skin tone is always beautiful.
    Can I follow you,maybe you can check my blog

  2. Thanks dearie, yes you can follow you infact I am following you already. Thanks


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