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24 March 2013

Be Different, Be You

'The Lord is my sheperd I shall not want' Ps 23:1

Oh what a week! Had a lot to do, shopping, meeting up with friends ooops where are my manners? Sorry dearies how are you doing? Hope you had a nice week? Well it was officially spring on the 20th but aint seen no spring yet lolll instead its snowing, I mean where is this snow from especially in March at this rate we would have a white Easter oh well since we didnt have a white Christmas. We cant complain as long as we are comfortably dressed for it or should I say warmingly lol.

Dare to be different from anyone else, do your own thing, be you dont compare yourself with someone else, Make plans and stick to it, live your dreams yes there would be distractions and challenges but dont worry God always makes a way where there seems to be no way and He still answers prayers.

Life is a risk so is fashion too,  yes its got its rules but sometimes rules are meant to be broken especially when it has to do with your own personal style. Mixed prints has come to stay in the fashion world and its gives room to style it the way you want especially mixing different prints one feels comfortable with, I decided to pair a stripe top with floral pants believe I had to try this outfit in my room first before I had the courage to wear it to church today loll. Hope you like the pics.


Top: Newlook// Pants: Newlook// Jacket: La Redoute// Shoes: Newlook

Have a lovely week




  1. Hi lovely, I just stumbled upon your nice blog .
    I would like to invite you to check out my blog , where I am sharing urban chic looks and style ideas every day and supporting social and sustainable fashion brands . I would be very honored if you fin it interesting and become my reader.Thanks for your time ¡
    XX Luba

  2. Hi dearie, going thru your blog right now and yes I love it and I will follow it too hope you would follow mine too.

    Thanks xoxo

  3. Sorry not a good combo.
    The trousers doesnt go with the shirt.

  4. Well anonymous its mixed prints the shirt and the trouser doesnt have to be the same one can mixed stripes with florals and fashion is a risk even though it got rules but rules are meant to be broken. Thanks for your comment appreciate it

    1. Nice response.
      It really irks me wen 'Anonymous' peeps make negative comments. Oh well.

    2. Thanks dearie, it does same to me too loll but we thank God that sometimes negative comments makes us stronger and wanting to be the best we can be too. I love your blog following it now. Thanks once again.

    3. Portia,that comment was dropped out of you look good.

    4. Thanks Trendy Rammy, appreciate your comments.


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