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21 April 2013

Connect The Dots

 'A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent Proverbs 28:20'

My beauties, how are you doing today, Happy Sunday, hope your weekend was great? Tell me what did you do over the weekend hope you dont mind sharing it with me? Mine was great, long, tiring but eventful getting ready for this week, I know and believe this week will be full of testimonies for me and my family and oh yes for you too can I hear a resounding 'Amen' lol.

God has given us life and anytime we make mistakes or dont know what to do we can always refer back to manual of life i.e the bible for direction and we can also ask Him too. God connects all the dots and crosses every 't' in our lives to you it might be taking too long you want answers quick to your questions, prayers but God answers in His own time and when He does you will certainly rejoice at the end.

I love polka dots for me it has this vintage feel and one can pair it with any other print if you want to, when I saw it online at first I wasnt so keen cos it was a deep hem dress wasnt really a fan of it but I thot of the polka dot and I said oh well I might like it afterall, this orange zara shoes is the most comfortable shoes I have ever had absolutely love them. Got to run now got so much to do today would tell  you guys all about it this week. Stay blessed and pls enjoy the pictures.

Blazer: H&M// Dress: NewLook// Shoes: Zara// Clutch: NewLook

Love you guys


  1. How dare you own such lovely shoes. I want I want (crying).pls send it down thanks lol

  2. Lolll, please dont cry ok I will send it down on one condition lol.

  3. Those shoes!!!! *love struck eyes*

    P.S: Loving the blog so far.

    1. Lol thanks dearie. Love your blog too and following it now.


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