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4 June 2014

My Grass Is Greener

'But Jesus said unto her, let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread and to cast it to the dogs Mark 7:27'

Hello everyone,  hope you are all doing great, this is a quick post of what I wore on Sunday and guess who decided to join me today, Sienna and Sachi hope Seville won't be jealous hahaha.

A certain woman came to Jesus becos her daughter had an unclean spirit but He told her well I cant give you what should be given to my children becos you wont give their food to the dogs, I want my children to be filled first, in order words there are loads of blessings still waiting to be tapped from God, the woman replied yes I know but the dogs can still eat from the crumbs that fall off the table,  she wasn't ready to take no for n answer,  yes she knew she didnt derserve to be given what she wants yet she didnt give up, she got what she wanted. Don't give up dearies, you might feel you don't deserve God's blessings becos of what you have done in the past not to worry He is willing to forgive and grant you all your heart desires remember every saint has got a past and every sinner has got a future.  See you at the top.

Now to my outfit, I know I have got sharp eyes for hidden treasures especially when it comes to thrifting, went to our local charity shop and this skirt caught my attention, love the pleats and it was also in my favourite colour - mint, I checked the price lo and behold it was £3, I smiled then I checked the size my face fell lol ssw size 16, I was about to drop it when I thought to myself why not try it on no harm in doing that bearing in mind I wear a size 10. When I tried it on it was a perffct fit hahahaha, you dont have to wear expensive things to look classy.

Top: Newlook// Skirt: Thrifted// Clutch: Steve Madden// Shoes: Bank Fashion


  1. You're looking so pretty, the colours of the outfit compliments each other, little miss cutie beside you is all glammed up too. Love it.

  2. love your outfit, and I seriously agree with you, expensive ain't classy. you look good as always :)

  3. Gorgeous!


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