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10 May 2013

Trending: Perspex Bag

My wonderful peeps how are you doing? I bet you are excited its another weekend, well I am lol. What have you got planned this weekend? Are you going to the cinemas? Shopping? Camping? Partying? Well whatever you are doing make sure you have fun and be good.

Perspex Bag as the name implies is what we call a 'clear' bag, 'see through' I call it a 'naked' bag lol. With a bag like this you dont have a hiding place cos all your business is out for the world to see hahaha but if you are faint hearted then this bag isnt for you but if you are daring as me then this type of bag is yours. Perspex bag comes in all shapes and sizes, different colours to choose from too from neutrals to bold and it also comes in form of clutch, purse, satchel, totes etc.

Its one of the hottest trends this season and I love it seeing that I have one too bought it from Newlook and yes bought pink colour.

Now we must be careful not to display our valuable possesions when rocking this bag or else you would be attracting some 'unwanted visitors' if you know what I mean. Some of the bags contain a non transparent inner compartment where you can hide your phone in.

What do you say about this type of bags, would you rock it? Let me know your thoughts.

Have a lovely weekend guys.



  1. Too many beautiful colours to choose from!!

    1. Yea you can say that again lol. Am following you now if you can follow back that would be great. Thanks


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