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3 May 2013

Trending: Fashion Must Have For Men

Hello fashionistas, how are you doing, yes thank God its friday hope you have wonderful things lined and planned for this weekend. Ldies arent the only one who can be fashionable, men can too and I love a man who knows how to look good from head to toe. And before you start lol every woman has got a man in her life who could be your nephew, husband, fiance, friend, uncle, dad. Here are some essentials a man should have in their closet.

Classic White Shirt
The white shirt is the your greatest multitasker. "It can take you from a black-tie occasion to loafing about at the weekend," To get the best-tailored, longest-lasting and most versatile shirt for your money, you also need to understand the industry secrets behind cotton weight, button manufacture, collar construction and ironing techniques. 

Wonderfully tailored , close to the form, and colors are again the classic. Look for lots of grays, blues, tans, and shades of white... 
Learn to suit up properly and everything else follows.
Whether you're an office guy who needs to look sharp for the competition, or a creative type who dresses up because he likes to, the suit is the basic building block of looking good. It's a timeless, ever adaptable, sometimes maligned, but never improved uniform. Consider the roots of that word: uni, as in a universally good idea to save your ass from the danger of too much choice; form, as in the opposite of formless, sloppy, or unfocused. We'll get to the specifics of lapel widths and armholes and vents and how to do it right, but let's first agree that this is where dressing like a man begins. Get the basics down and then you can lose yourself in perfecting the details—what the ever dapper Tom Wolfe once approvingly called the sartorial "mania for marginal differences." And that's when things get interesting.

Do You Have A Good White T-Shirt?
If you dont have a 'good one' then you need one If you don't own a couple great white undershirts, I recommend you get a couple. A good white undershirt can make all the difference when putting together a well polished outfit. Whether your dressing for a business look or your are just after a well layered casual look, you need a good fitting white undershirt. The male undershirt serves not only to finish off an outfit, but is very
functional. In regard to function, an undershirt can help protect your shirt from perspiration stains. and help keep you comfortable. The white undershirt is also a fashion staple when it comes to layering clothing. An undershirt can aid in achieve a great well put together look...

A fitted undershirt also functions in a sense to smooth out the torso, so a shirt or sweater will lay flat, and hide all the little lumps and bumps that might show for lack of an undershirt. Plus it will really pull off a better look at the neck of a sweater.

Why do I recommend you purchase 'a good undershirt"? Unfortunately undershirts are not created equally... Just like premium denim the discerning qualities are fit and fabric matters. Many of the cheaper brand undershirts tend to be to thick or to thin, and have a boxy fit, rather than body conforming fit. If there is to much fabric, the undershirt will trend to bunch up under cloths, and be not only uncomfortable, but unfashionable.

To sum it up, a good undershirt is a fashion item every man needs. A white undershirt can be paired with a great pair of jeans, and an edgy sports coat to create a great outfit, that will carry you from day to night without a missing a beat...



Stripes return in all manner of colour ways, looking particularly good at Tommy Hilfiger, where the navy, red and white Bretons look clean and fresh. Micro-prints are everywhere (think updated pyjama foulards) and florals take on a modern, geometric feel. Slogans and numbers also return for the first time since the early noughties.


Shorts are always going to be big for summer, but in 2013 they have taken over the show. No longer having to be super short, shorts have come down to a more wearable knee-length – as well as being worn with tailored jackets for a whole new take on tailoring. Smarter, more tailored shorts are the way to go, so better get down the gym and start toning those knobbly knees.


Have a wonderful weekend dearies.




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