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17 February 2013

Star Style: Mr Blue Meets Miss Stripey

Hey lovelies hope you had fun last week and this weekend too, I had a very good time had my lil divas christened in church today and got to see my lovely and beautiful Susan, love you loads babes, Susan is a very lovely person, down to earth and a wonderful friend to my family and yes she is also my lil divas godmother all rolled in one loll. My Deltan King (my husband) who is my sweet photographer is and always has been my rock he encouraged me to start a blog cos he knows I love fashion and yes Susan lest I forget thanks for all the makeup tips. Can't believe how fast kids grow take my lil divas for example my first lil diva (Sienna) keeps saying new words everyday and tries to make everyone knows who is the boss lolll and when she does that her facial expression changes and my other lil diva (Sachi) now knows how to shake her head especially when she doesnt want something oh bless them.

Now to my outfit well I was really inspired by Rihannas outfit she wore in Acne at Westfields. When it comes to daring, innovative style, she nailed it for me. We all know stripes is on trend now and thinking of stripes it reminds me of what the bible says of how we were healed by the stripes of Jesus, no matter the sickness or disease both physically or emotionally Jesus is able and willing to heal us and to cleanse us too if we believe.
I prepped up my own look to make it a bit feminine like you know I made it my own style by adding a white bag and blue shoes to the outfit. I always love H&M blazers the cut is always on point and also Asos bags, I love big bags has anyone noticed? I hope you guys enjoy the pics. Love you loads


I was looking for a quality and affordable white handbag and I searched and searched and found this one at Asos and when I checked how much it was my heart fell it went for £100, kept it on my wishlist and kept refreshing the page over and over again at a point I forgot about it until one day I just decided to check their website again and voila sales was ongoing and I quickly chiecked how much the bag was going for........ WAIT for it it went for £32, I shouted yippee and quickly put it in my basket and went to checkout loll. Love the bag

Blazer - H&M
White Shirt - Asos
Top - F&F Clothing
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins (Old)
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Asos
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (Old)
Ring - Newlook

Have a lovely week beauties


  1. yes maam!

    I remember seeing that pic of RiRi and thinking this is def something i can/will rock! looks like you beat me to it! hahaha! love it!

    following you now via bloglovin and GFC. hope you follow back.

  2. Lolll I sure did thanks and I will follow you back.

  3. love your style.. you rocked it better than Riri

  4. How sweet of you babes my very own EB. Love you loads

  5. nice work u r doing.


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