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19 June 2013

Face Powder Tips

Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? hope great? You read foundation tips last week, this week its all about our powder. 



Face Powder Tips

Now that you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll need to finish it off with face powder to ensure a long-lasting effect. These quick and easy face powder tips will give your skin a satiny finish.

Face powder is the make-up artist's best friend, as it can make your skin look really wonderful and is very versatile in its uses. It gives the skin a glow as well as makes it smooth. It has a lasting effort in comparison to foundations and moisturizers. Selecting the right kind of powder is very vital. You have to pick the right shade of powder to match your skin tone. 

Why Use Powder:
Here are four good reasons for putting on that powder.
  1. Powder gives a super-smooth sheen to your skin - with or without foundation.
  2. It sets your foundation, so it stays put and looks good for longer.
  3. Power absorbs oils from your skin, and helps prevent shiny patches appearing.
  4. It helps conceal open pores.
Choosing Your Powder:
You need two types of powder, a loose form at home, and a powder compact for your handbag. Whether you choose loose or pressed really depends on your skin type and the look that you desire. If you are a natural girl who likes a gentle finish, consider loose powder. If you are more active and sporty, the matte look of pressed powder may be ideal for you.

1. Loose Powder: 

This gives the best and longest-lasting finish and is the choice of professional make-up artists and models. The best way to apply loose powder is to dust it lightly on to your skin using a large, soft powder brush. Then lightly brush over your face again to dust off the excess. This powder looks natural on the skin, and is good for home application. Many women like using loose powder because it gives the skin a porcelin effect, giving it a flawless effect.

2. Pressed Powder: 

Compacts containing pressed powder are ideal for carrying in your make-up bag as they are very quick to use and lightweight. Most come with their own application sponges, but you will find you get a better result if you apply them with a brush. Look for brushes with retraceable heads to carry in your make-up bag. If you do use the sponge, use a light touch and wash it regularly, or you will transfer the oils in your skin on to the powder and get a build-up. Pressed powder is ideal for those who are always busy and don't have much time to groom themselves. Unlike most loose powders, pressed powder is extremely portable and gives the skin a matte finish. It also usually contains a mirror inside of its compact, which is ideal for those with stubborn marks that need touch ups often throughout the day.

3. Powder Shade: 

Don't make the mistake of thinking that one shade of powder suits all. Instead, choose one that closely matches your skin-tone for a natural effect. Do this by dusting a little on your jawline, in the same way as you would with foundation. Take time to experiment so you choose the shade that best suits your colouring. Careful application of the right powder as the final finishing and fixing touch should give your skin a soft, glowing and natural feel.


Face Powder Application

Face powder application depends on the type of powder that you are using.
Pressed face powder is applied as follows:
  • Using the puff that comes with the powder, apply a small amount of powder onto the puff.
  • Starting from the forehead, apply the powder in smooth, downward strokes.
  • Apply to the cheeks, chin, nose and neck in the same way, making sure that all areas have been well blended.
Loose face powder is applied in the following way:
  • Tip a large, soft brush into the powder, and tap the excess powder off into the container.
  • Apply small dabs of powder onto the skin just before the foundation has dried.
  • Brush downwards, with the hair direction, starting with your forehead.
  • Apply the powder to your cheeks, chin, nose and then neck area using the same downward brush stroke.
  • The best face powder tip is to follow the general rule of thumb: the dryer your skin, the less powder you use. That means use less if your skin is on the dry side and more if your skin is oilier.

    Enjoy the rest of your week beauties




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