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16 June 2013

50 Shades of Blue

'A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24'

Happy Fathers Day to you and a very Happy Sunday too. How are you all doing? Hope your weekend went well and you are looking forward to a more productive and blessed week ahead. Thank God for fathers, and yes thank God we have a Father in Him.

Are you a loner, or do you have friends or surrounded with friends, I mean quality friends not quantity, not just friends on your facebook, twitter, instagram, keek etc. Friends that adds value to your life, permit me to use this word, friends that are a plus in your life instead of a minus. I prefer having just 5 friends who are loyal, trustworthy, honest than have 2,000 who are just there. We all need friends, cos God created in man this insatiable quest for us to seek companionship. Thats why He said seek me first and all other things shall be added unto you. God wants you to have friends, yes you were created alone but you need people to brighten up your life. Invest in your friends and make sure they do same too. Even as a married woman my Deltan King is my best friend but I have other close friends too, girlfriends I do things with, chat, hang out and so does he too. We have heard of this saying 'show me your friend and I will tell you who you are' I say show me who you are and I will tell you what kind of friends you are attracting. Choose your friends wisely.

Don't get me wrong pls am not a fan of Chealsea Football Club lol, gone are those days when I liked football not anymore, am still loving my series of monochromatic look, all one colour hence this blue ensemble. Got this dress for a friend/client but when she tried it on it was too short for her well i told her no need to return it to the shop I would try it on and when I did it was a perfect fit lol, trust me I had started putting pieces of what and what I would wear it with in my head and I thought of my turquoise purse which I got from a charity shop for £1 love the vintage look. Had this beautiful beauty delivered to me from Love Label, ankle strap sandals in the in-thing now. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Dress: Boohoo// 
Purse: Thrifted// 
Shoes: Love Label//
 Necklace: Newlook//

Whats your favourite aspect of my dressing? Would appreciate your comments beautiful people. 
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  1. Gorgeous dress!
    The diff shades of blue..... pure genius!
    You look amazing! Love everything about this outfit.

    1. My beautiful Portia, thanks dearie, I dey covet your braids oh seriously.

  2. Am in love with those shoes and you look lovely in blue. I guess blue is your colour

    1. Awww thanks love, hubby made me fall in love with blue cos thats his favourite colour lol.

  3. blue suits you perfectly and i want those shoes badly

    1. Aww thanks dearie, how bad do you want them lol.

  4. Pretty! Love the whole blue ensemble!


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