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26 February 2015

Fix It or Break It

'May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the  wife of your youth Proverbs 5:18'

Hi everyone, hope your week went well? Some say marriage is not for everyone, some say it's for a select few, others say they would rather live single instead of going through heartaches. Marriage is a beautiful thing especially if both parties feel the same way about each other. Marriage is a one way street even when there is two people involved. The man and woman should work together to make married life enjoyable but sometimes their are misunderstandings, conflicts which seem to stand in the way of a blissful one. Don't get me wrong every marriage isn't the same, each faces different challenges and difficulties.

I know when I was a child I didn't really own toys not that my parents couldn't afford it but I think their own way of bringing up keeps was quite different, my kids got toys to play with and I know how they feel when one of them gets broken and I actually know what is coming next amidst tears 'Mummy please can you fix this' when I say no hun I can't they would say oh daddy would fix it, daddy knows how to fix things lol and oh to see them smile again when their favourite toy is fixed and working again, same way when there are some cracks in our marriage what do we do. Do we fix it or break

Here are some of the common issues marriages face:

1. Lack of Communication: When couples don't talk about things bothering them or even when their is a misunderstanding  then  they a would be leaving little cracks on the wall of their marriage. You shouldn't go to bed with grudges, talk about it. Be open, be open. Respect each other's  point of view and make sure you listen too, trust me I am learning that too, yes you might be right but let your partner speak..

To truly know another, we must be willing to see the world through the eyes, not simply our own. If we listened as well as we spoke, really connecting would take care of itself.....

2. Bringing Up The Past: Well we might say the past is in the past but sometimes we bring it up when we are having an argument or misunderstanding  which isn't healthy for any relationship, the past is the past thst is where it belongs, don't bring it up at any given en opportunity.  Forgive even as Christ as forgiven us.

3. Unnecessary  Expectations: We have been brainwashed by the world, the media even by books how marriage should be life, yes everyone wants a happily ever  after encounter thereby making people see marriage like a fairy tale instead of seeing g it as a reality. We have been filled with different materials of how marriage should be instead of us going to our Almighty God who created marriage in the first place. You have to be a happy person yourslef before you can actually make another person happy. What are you bringing go the table of marriage? Are you expecting g too much from your spouse you have failed to see what you are contributing to the relationship? You need to tell yourself some home truths.
We must be willing to look closely and honestly at ourselves to see if these are truths about us. Not everyone is willing to do this. To truly  understand  what  you  are  seeing  in  another, you  must first hold up a mirror  and understand  what you are seeing there. 

4. Sex and Intimacy: Trust me we can't run away from this one lol it is one of the most common areas of conflict in many relationships. Be desirable  to your partner,  your body is no longer yours remember, you are one, seduce him, talk him how you want to be touched and where, be open about what you want during lovemaking. Drop hints or messages lol, you know a note in his pocket telling him what you would do to him when he gets back from work hahahaha. I am a love doctor.

Some marriages can be fixed while some can't especially  when it involves domestic  violence or perhaps infidelity. Can yours be fixed? Why not hand it over to Jesus who is the Author and  Finisher of our faith. He can turn your marital water into sweet wine, nothing is too hard for Him. Work on your marriage and make it work.

God bless you my darlings


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  1. This was a wonderful post. ;-)
    I've recently been feeling that God wants me to be single and have somehow accepted it even though it's not true.
    I love these kind of posts please share more. :-)
    I hope to one day apply this knowledge to my own marriage someday...(sigh)



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