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18 October 2013

22 Most Fashionable Fashionistas On Instagram

'But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another I Thessalonians 4:9'

Hey everyone, how are you doing? and how was your week? Its friday yippee hang on 'am a mother' we dont really enjoy weekends lol. Anyway I hope you are doing something fun, clean, godly too lol.

Instagram is a fun way of sharing your day to day updates mostly with pictures and videos and in light of this there are some real fashionable fashionistas I have been following infact watching closely with my eyes wide open lol, I love it when people express their personality in what they wear, people who would go the extra mile and who would be daring, people who break fashion rules cos they are meant to be broken. This beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, sexy, hawt, chic, stylish ladies has shown us what fashion and personal style is all about.You don't know how to put your outfits together follow this ladies trust me you would be glad you did.  I am always eager to see their pictures on instagram. 

So here we are my 22 Most Fashionable Fashionistas on Instagram. Please if you are on instagram follow them I mean like now yes now go on chop chop lol.

 My beautiful sister Dee, she is classy, elegant and edgy
Instagram username: stylecheckbyd

I call her my grecian goddess, her sense of style is top notch.
Instagram username: ironyofashi

She is fun, full of life, great personal style too 'whispers' she loves taking selfies too lol
Instagram username: kikscloset

A hawt mama, oh her son is so cute, Her figure one to die for, Her personal style unique
Instagram username: fabulousperks

I love how she mixes different colours to create one gorg look, a beauty to behold
Instagram username: lolabluethecloset

I would describe her style chic and classy. Sexy too
Instagram username: fromcheaptochik

She is a fashion addict, her style is never ending, she makes dressing up look so easy
Instagram username: stephnydiva

She is an inspiration, I know she is going places. Love her style, I was so inspired I had to 'copy' one of her looks lol, don't blame me couldnt help it.
Instagram username: versicloset

I just love her, anything she has on looks just perfect, her style is girly, fun, chic and classy too
Instagram username: shadesnstyles

She is a princess, yes a princess with class, she is always, I mean always on point. Amazing personal style
Instagram username: princess_osahon

Can't seem to get enough of her style, colour combination perfecto lol. Classy and edgy too
Instagram username: nikybika

I love her style, she adds a smile to every outfit which makes her unique. Her style is fun, girly and chic too.
Instagram username: t2pitchy

You  need fashion help then go to rehab, no not that kind of rehab I mean a fashion rehab lol. Her style is unique, classy and edgy too.
Instagram username: infashionrehabng

My sugar babe, she always brings it to the table as it is, fun, classy, chic and she loves handbags too.
Instagram: sugar_plummy

She is a sweet lady, when you see her pics you just fall in love naturally without being forced. Her colour combination excellent, her style is fun, girly, chic, unique
Instagram username: gold_emeh

I call her queen of 'red bottom shoes' she loves accessories too. Elegant, classy and chic. Wonderful personality too.
Instagram username: uyandam

My wonderful sugar babe, you want to look good for the office then she is the one, her style is chic, fun, classy and elegant too.
Instagram username: ellasucre

Beautiful diva, her personal style is edgy, classy and elegant love her style on instagram
Instagram username: lovina_dolly

My precious, wonderful and sexy babe, she is beautiful in and out, her fashion sense is out of this world. Gorg, classy, edgy.
Instagram username: nanaakuasronkobi

She is my darling moi, her style is very unique, classy, edgy not afraid to mix colours or mix prints.
Instagram username: justporsh

A fashion addict, her personal style is unique too, classy, girly, fun she loves the monochrome trend
Instagram username: fashionbylenny

She looks exquisite both in western and african prints, her style is unique, classy, edgy, sophisticated.
Instagram username: twynkleloves

So beautiful people what do you think? Hope you agree with me they are fashionable fashionistas on Instagram. 

Do have a very wonderful weekend lovelies




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  3. They all look fab hun! nice one

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    1. Yes we all are. You welcome and thanks too for the priviledge.

  5. Thank you for the featuring. its a very lovely post.

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